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September 6, 2012 by misterblank22

Otogi Myth of Demons was a very underrated video game that came out in 2003 for the Xbox. It starred Raikoh a deceased assassin who is brought back to life by the Princess who allowed him to live if he would banish the world of demons. She would always say on the briefing screen “Raikoh cleanse the area of the fowl demons that reside there.” She spoke in this reverb drenched voice that was slightly annoying at first but for some reason transformed into a very calming part of the game along with the nice title screen theme. The Princess was only a shadow that you would see in the briefing screen, but this almost added more depth to her since the player could project any features onto that shape that is called Princess. (Japan has an obsession with Princess’s, Mario has to save one, Link has to save Zelda who is a princess, basically in every JRPG the main goal is to save the Princess or it is at least a subplot)

The game is very vague with every aspect of it. Raikoh does not speak a word, the Princess is never seen, the demons spawn from nowhere, Raikoh lives off of magic that is constantly depleting, but it is the most dazzling thing to look at as you play it. Every attack creates an exploding array of colors. The missions are stunning and fully destructible. Raikoh spawns in the air from pink flower pedals that twirl with him to the ground. It’s beautiful even to this day. But it was barely noticed by the public and was quickly forgotten. It was slightly revived a year later with a sequel which put Raikoh in white armor. Which I prefer over the gold he wore in the first game.

It kept the same basic gameplay mechanics but added a few new playable characters all with a different way of playing that suited various missions. The player had to figure out which one would complete the mission best. One character, who I think is actually the Princess from the first game but it is never really confirmed, named Seimei brings Raikoh back to life and is a very unique character.

Look at that she dual wields fans, that’s more elegant than anything I have ever seen. She’s quiet, pretty, gentle but deadly.

Otogi 2 Immortal Warriors created a mission that really added depth to the silent Raikoh. In the middle of the game Raikoh is dying, meaning he is out of the magic that is keeping him alive, and must find his spirit as it roams in limbo before his magic completely runs out and he is gone forever. Seimei speaks to Raikoh from far away trying to help him knowing that he is the only key in ridding the world from demons. It is really an emotional scene to play through because Raikoh, who is a strong warrior, is helpless and trying to find his way back to himself before everything around him completely dies, and Seimei must watch helplessly with only her words reaching Raikoh.

It’s sad how something unique can be forgotten so fast. Raikoh may be a typical silent protagonist but he has more depth then Half Life’s silent protagonist Gordon Freeman who everyone seems to love. So I’m taking a stand, at 2013’s Comic-Con and E3 I’m going dressed as Raikoh, with my Sonic the Hedgehog shirt pulled over my armor so I can still support Sonic.


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