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September 12, 2012 by misterblank22

JRPG is the abbreviation for Japanese Role Playing Game which is a genre that produces some very strange but very popular games. Everyone knows of Final Fantasy even if you hate them or are like me and can’t seem to beat them you still know the name. So if you do not know the term JRPG they are initially what the Final Fantasy games are.

Out of the FF series I own Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-II. I have beaten neither one. I got very close with FF X but deleted my memory card for Resident Evil Code Veronica which was a big mistake. So I’m starting from scratch again, which is what made me want to write this. I keep buying JRPGS but never beat them. I get halfway there but quit. I think I need some sort of AA for JRPG addicts.

What keeps me purchasing these games if the beauty of them. The characters are stunning, the scenery blows me away with how original it is. They have everything going for them but the combat systems are a joke. Turn based combat. I do not like turn based combat. I don’t want to click the enemy, scroll through a menu of attacks, click the attack and watch my character run over and hit the enemy in the face. What is absurd about it is once your character attacks he runs back to wait for the enemy to attack. You cannot do a thing but wait for the enemy to swing or shoot at you. Sometimes they miss, so I guess that is a plus to the combat system.

For instance I absolutely love Resonance of Fate, it is amazing but the combat just annoys me. It does break the old school turn based trend but fuses it with clicking a direction for the character to run while he shoots the enemy. The player does not manually move the character at this point, so if you made a mistake in the direction you chose the character to run you just wasted your move.

But it does redeem itself with the cutscenes. Here is the opening to Resonance of Fate which I really do love.


Here is the Sending Scene in Final Fantasy X.


It’s scenes like these that keep me buying JRPGS. I keep telling myself when I’m at Gamestop to put down Final Fantasy XIII and to go buy something else; you’re going down a slippery path into addiction Andrew. So I put it down but the next time I go in there I see the protagonist Lighting on the cover which causes me to run over ready to buy it but I put it down.

I did well for a year or two then Final Fantasy XIII-2 came out. I see Lightening on the cover looking at me, wanting me to buy the game, almost tempting me. I see her, she sees me, I pull out my wallet while making a dash over to the game pushing little Mario fans out of the way as if there is a fire behind me. But I stop myself, I won’t buy it.

I’ve been JRPG clean since 2010. Then Square Enix, the FF developers, announced the third Final Fantasy XIII called Lightening Returns. I guess the first step to recovering from this addiction is to admit I have a problem, I may need rehab.


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