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September 26, 2012 by misterblank22

It’s only natural to fall in love; it’s pretty easy to do. If you spend enough time around someone you start to feel some connection which leads to a crush then to full-blown out gushy love. This same thing can be applied to my video game experiences. A game is longer and more in-depth then a movie. A movie lasts about 2 or 3 hours, a game sometimes months. You get to know the characters more and feel for them. This sounds weird but why do you think you cry at the end of a movie when the dog dies, because you felt attached somehow. I fall in love easy so when I am put in a game with a female character I start to get a crush. Laugh if you want but you know you do it too.

I’ve made a list of the ones who I could say I kind of love, or at least have a big crush on. They are not in any order.

Tali’Zorah nar Rayya from Mass Effect

I have no idea where to begin with Tali, I said this list is in no order but Tali is the best in my book. She is sweet, smart, quiet, shy, strong but very fragile. You first meet her in Mass Effect 1 on the Citadel where she is in danger since she has a data file containing Saren’s voice talking about the Geth. To sum it up without writing a novel the Geth are very bad and Saren is on the council which is supposed to be very good, he’s working with the Geth, big no-no.

In Mass Effect every decision you make affects the stories outcome. But what makes the game really good is the dialogue choices and the romance. The game received attacks from people who have two brain cells with only one working, slightly. Sex, to some people, does not belong in video games, which is dumbfounding to me. I was in the dentist’s office when FOX news was ranting on the subject, of course with not one shred of evidence to back up their crazy claims.

Tali stole my heart quickly not only because I fall for that type of girl but her entire character background. She is a Quarian who is on her pilgrimage when John Shepherd meets her on the Citadel. A Quarian has a very weak immune system which makes them have to wear the outfit you see in the pictures. In all of the Mass Effect games any character can die due to how you act or if you don’t protect them in certain situations. Of course I kept Tali by my side constantly, I healed her before myself, I would jump in front of bullets to shield her from any harm. If you could do it in the game I’d probably buy her diamond rings every time I docked the Normandy.

Here watch this video, it may give you some understanding of why I care about Tali so much.


I’m kind of a closet romance freak, I love it. For some reason making a girl smile is better than having a limited edition Halo 4 or actually having the Mark IV armor Master Chief wears. Mass Effect allows me to be that way with Tali, of course I had a big fling with Ashley but cheated on her with Miranda but that needs to be forgotten. (Sorry Ashley) Tali is really the most unique character I’ve ever met in a game. Some characters are easily forgotten but not Tali.

Cortana from Halo

Cortana is an AI that is given to Master Chief on the Pillar of Autumn as it is being attacked by the Covenant. At first she is really just the character that tells you what to do. The first game is really only a bleak introduction to her; Halo 2 is where I started to fall for her. She kind of gained a “cute” nature to her personality like a female anime character but without that obnoxious high-pitched voice. In the first mission she has had a makeover along with Master Chief. The MC is receiving a medal and is being escorted to the ceremony by Johnson where he meets Cortana again. She answers the captain’s question then looks up at Master Chief. She says “You look nice” with a big smile on her face. After that Cortana was different, she wasn’t just a purple AI that spoke intelligently.

Just like every story there has to be a sad element added into it. Cortana is going Rampant which means she isn’t going to last much longer. AI’s aren’t made to last long and Cortana has lasted two years longer than too long. She is showing all of the signs of Rampancy which are anger, jealousy, she doubts herself and other things, basically she’s sounding human. Halo 4 will be here November which starts the next trilogy. I know I won’t see Cortana much longer, she is either going to go away in a violent rage which is out of her nature or have to be terminated by Master Chief, I’m not sure I am only speculating but I don’t want to say goodbye to her.

Rayne from BloodRayne

Let’s see where do I even start with Rayne. She’s nasty, sexual; half-dressed, and filled with sexual innuendos. So really she’s everything Tali and Cortana are not. Rayne is a vampire killer, nothing real special in that except for the slaughtering of Nazi’s in the first game. The BloodRayne games are not something I would say are worth buying new, the only appeal is Rayne and her “nasty” dialogue which is how it is described sometimes.

I’m putting her in this list because she was more of a teen game crush but mainly because she pushed the boundaries in games allowing characters to say more provocative and natural things. She helped move games away from little kid characters to more “real” characters, whether that is accepted by the idiots who think they should shield people from certain words or not. To be honest there are leather clad girls with large blades on their arms all around us so why not put them in a game. (Maybe not the blade parts)

Mona Sax from Max Payne

Mona is tough to say the least. She takes a bullet in the head and comes back for more in Max Payne 2. She’s the mystery woman who you want to get to know but she just won’t open up, plus she likes to point her gun around which makes her a bit harder to approach for a date. Mona’s kind of that hermit who you only see once in awhile but you don’t forget her, she doesn’t blend in no matter how hard she tries. Max is the star of the games, I mean they are named after him, but Mona takes the reins in Max Payne 2 she even controls better then Max. I can’t say much on why I have a crush on her because honestly I know nothing about her apart from her being a hired killer. It’s that mystery I think that draws me to her, she rarely speaks and shows no emotion except when she kisses Max in the alley, poor Max had been trying to kiss her the whole game but with Mona it has to be on her terms. She is a pretty little diamond concealed in a thick layer of concrete. She’s stone cold.

Maria from Silent Hill 2

Maria stands for everything that is messed up when you fall in love. She’s deceitful but honest, frightened but content; she lies while telling the truth but you still love her, good ol’ Maria. She’s that girl all the poets write about. The girl steals their hearts; shatters them to pieces just so they can watch the poet pick the pieces up and bring them back to her. Maria gets that thrill off of hurting James, the playable character, but expects him to treat her as if she is why he went to Silent Hill in the first place. Man I love her.

Maria’s actions are part of the story. Every enemy for that matter has to do with James’s story. Maria looks just like Mary, James’s dead wife who sent him a letter from Silent Hill to come find her in their “Special Place”. The whole thing makes no sense, she’s dead how could she write him, her illness took her away years ago. James decides to travel to Silent Hill anyway in hopes of seeing the love of his life again that’s where he meets the seductive Maria. She is the opposite of his wife Mary apart from their face. Maria is sexy with an elusive smile, Mary was frail and weak, she was once pretty but never really took care of herself. Maria plays the part of James’s conscience, symbolizing the things he had done behind Mary’s back.

In Silent Hill you have to take care of the other characters meaning you don’t run ahead of them or let them get hurt or you get a bad ending. On my first playthrough of the game I didn’t know that those elements were in place but since I loved the girl I took care of her. Even when she yelled at me or was rude I still ran to her when she needed me. There is a part in the game where she is sick so she decides to lay down while James goes to find a key to the elevator. I would check on her every five minutes to see how she was doing. She sometimes answered or just mumbled.

I got lost once so I couldn’t keep a close eye on her to see how she was doing. When I finally got back to her she was gone. I knew it was just a game but I got a rush of anxiety. I ran through all of the rooms looking for her like a lost kid. I was worried about her, as weird as that sounds, I had to keep that evil girl safe.


In the end I get attached to the characters that surround me in games. In Red Dead Redemption when John dies I cried for four days, I tear up when EE dies in Metal Gear Solid 2. When it comes to games I get very close to the people in them possibly because a game is a more interactive experience. Even in Sonic CD when Amy Rose is saved by Sonic and Sonic just dashes away I feel sad, Amy loves Sonic but that blue hedgehog either has no common sense or is too busy fighting Dr. Eggman to notice Amy.


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