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October 12, 2012 by misterblank22

Life has never made sense to me. I’m almost always lost someway looking for some purpose in the things around me. Honestly I feel like a lost NPC (Non playable character) in a video game, someone the programmers forgot about in their layers of code. We are all NPC’S trying to find the purpose of why we are here in this never-ending mission where the protagonists always make it out but leave us lost and stuck on the map. Purpose is something we all want, but we want to find the story of our origin almost more than our purpose. Scientists are close to finding our origin or our creation and how we got here but not why we are here. We may all just be code. All of us come from varied backgrounds with so many different beliefs. Some believe a God made us out of his image. Some believe we come back after we are dead to live a new life. Some believe we came from what is called the Big Bang. Most people tune you out when they hear the words “Big Bang” or “Particle Physics” or the “Standard Model” but please do not shut your mind off before this is over. I am not trying to convert anyone away from their religion or use this to put doubt into anyone’s beliefs. In the end we may all be right or we may all be wrong but do not close your mind off to any belief or theory because it may bring you closer to the truth or even to your God.

What would you say or better yet how would you feel if I told you that scientists have created a mini Big Bang? Well they have created one by colliding atoms together after they are completely stripped of their electrons. These atoms collide at an alarming rate duplicating the events right after the Big Bang where everything was in a subatomic state. All bets are off after these collisions resulting in the genesis of a whole new mini universe created by man! Now what will come next could be an amazing thing. If this universe is to grow, like ours did, imagine a whole new law of physics. Imagine a mini standard model being crafted before our eyes. Imagine a whole new world we could watch grow. This makes us Gods, we are creators. Life can be created out of simple curiosity, by a simple collision of stripped down atoms. This is something that excites me since it has brought me closer to an answer; this is coming off of the recent discovery of the Higgs Boson in early July which is too amazing for words. (In an easy but illiterate way to simplify the Higgs Boson people call it the God Particle, in truth this elementary particle  gives matter mass which is why it is called the God Particle because it proves that we do not need God to be birthed. This does not disprove a God so please do not take this that way.)

Congratulations Mankind you have reached Level 1! We’re advancing in this little RPG (Role Playing Game) called Earth. We’re still lost in a large world though where we are given only an old map to help us find our way around. On our quest list we only have one under the “Completed” tab and hundreds under the “In Progress” tab. We’re only a level one, not much can be done here apart from learning the basics. To get to level two we must push the boundaries, we have to test this new universe that is being formed to see if it is like ours and to see what it can hold. Well we’re doing that. Physicists have taken to building a whole universe out of recreating the legendary Big Bang just to test it, to toy with it. They are creating all of these characters to play. They are creating a whole new world to roam and investigate. They have created their own RPG. Which scares me more than it comforts me. What if this is our origin? Are we just a little universe floating in a lab with cameras placed on us and a man in a white coat reviewing the evidence? Is Earth just a little chapter in a book of tests that can be performed on a universe? What if we are just guinea pigs? We could just be the forgotten NPC in the video game Earth and we will all end once our “creators” take the game out. No rolling credits just an infinite black screen.

Trust me Mario, I’m feeling the same way right about now.

So in conclusion all of these discoveries and all of this knowledge truly does help me with coming to understand my origin. It brings me closer to maybe finding out how we are all here in this strange place filled with the stars, galaxies, intelligent life, and particles. But still I have found no purpose.  There must be some reason I am here, that we are all here. There must be some reason we think and feel. At least I hope so. Maybe we are all one, every star, every person and thing. That would explain the connections we feel to people and our intuition. Maybe that’s our purpose, to help everyone and everything out that surround us because it is helping everything out. If we are all one and make up a small piece of this puzzle then we need every piece, a puzzle cannot be complete with a missing section.


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