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October 26, 2012 by misterblank22

Nanosuit 2

Worn By: Prophet and Alcatraz in Crysis 2

Perks: Maximum Armor

Cloaking Device

Power Mode


The Nanosuit 2 is what can be made when military technology and science are combined for the sole purpose to destroy. When CryNet made the first Nanosuit worn by Nomad in Crysis 1 they felt that they had the most powerful armor any country could have. America was on top, again, with its science and engineering since the suit made its wearer superhuman. But imitations were made by Korea which were just as strong as America’s so the only thing they could do to keep the enemies at bay was to upgrade, this is where the Nanosuit 2 comes in.

The supporting character in Crysis, Prophet, makes a quick return in Crysis 2 wearing the Nanosuit 2 but is infected with the Manhattan Virus and must give the powerful Nanosuit to someone before he dies so he picks the poor drowning soldier Alcatraz who narrowly escaped from his sinking submarine.

Alcatraz? That your name? Alcatraz… Destiny’s a bitch, huh? It’ll be on you now, son.

Once Prophet kills himself Alcatraz awakes with a head full of Prophet’s memories and a suit filled with knowledge of the Ceph, the attacking aliens that had been living underground for centuries. Now Alcatraz is more than superhuman and is the only weapon able to defeat them.

While wearing the Nanosuit 2 the player is given the opportunities to play Crysis 2 in any way they wish. By activating the cloaking device you can crouch down and sneak your way past a group of guards in the courtyard or you can stand up while activating your Maximum Armor and shoot, punch and knife your way through a team of Ceph and C.E.L.L operatives. Or if you are running down the streets of New York with a head full of anger just activate the Power Mode and kick that taxi that caused you to be late to that interview to the sky. If the player is horrible at playing first person shooters there is a Defibrillator built-in that brings you back to life and keeps you from that Game Over screen everyone hates so much.

The Nanosuit 2 also brings with it the visor which allows the player to mark victims in red to keep tabs on them at all times, locate weapon caches, and lets you easily listen in on enemies talking by muting out surrounding noises. The suit acts as a nurse too by growing into the wearer’s wounds to heal them which keeps Alcatraz alive but fuses him with the suit. The Nanosuit 2 can give you everything you ever wanted, eternal life.

SCORE: 85%

The suit is not perfect and runs on energy. Every mode you activate can only last a certain amount of time and will use up that much-needed energy. You also move violently slow in the suit unless you use power mode to run faster, which in turn uses that precious energy.

Resource Integration Gear

Worn By: Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 1 & 2

Perks: Navigation

Holographic Display (HUD)

Stasis, Kinesis, Oxygen, Zero Gravity Boots

Visible Health

Without the RIG Isaac would be lost on the Ishimura and frankly anywhere he goes since he seems to always be where the Necromorphs are. Honestly Isaac can’t get a break, he’s always hallucinating, his girlfriend is dead but still messes with him in death by lying to him and leading him into crazy situations and he has to manually force a long needle through his pupil which is fun for no one involved.

The suit can be fully customized as you play by finding nodes to upgrade the suit to such a degree that there is no real challenge to the game. What makes the RIG such a cool design is that it does away with the HUD which tends to clutter the screen in most games. It’s never fun when you die due to an enemy hiding behind your health bar. Anything the player needs to know is seen either on Isaac’s suit as they play or by activating a hologram from his hand. The RIG also shows the player a blue line that appears on the floor when activated in the direction they need to go if they ever get lost.

But the real part of the RIG that makes it stand apart from the competition are the Stasis and Kinesis Module’s which allow the player to slow down machines and lift heavy objects, these two come into play with the many puzzles you encounter. You can also use these little perks on your enemies too.

The suit also allows players to venture out into space which create very tense scenes in Dead Space 2. These scenes are composed of dodging debris to free-falling through tight corridors.

So in the end the suit can make a weak man, Isaac, into a powerful alien killing machine. The thing the suit cannot do is protect Isaac from his mind which is really his worst enemy.

Score: 90%

The RIG gets a higher score then the Nanosuit 2, which is more powerful than the RIG, because it doesn’t rely solely on combat and gives the player more room to grow. The RIG lets you slow down your enemies and completely does away with the annoying HUD.

Atmospheric Diving Suits

Worn By Big Daddies in BioShock

Perks: Heavily Armored

Breathe Underwater

Rivet Gun


If you are running around Rapture and you see a little girl with a vial full of ADAM attack her at your risk because a Big Daddy is close by to protect her.

The Big Daddies were once human beings but were genetically altered and had their body, skin and organs grafted into the Atmospheric Diving Suits with the sole purpose of protecting the Little Sisters. Their suits offer them the ability to breathe underwater and super strength along with the large drill on their arm. Some are fast while some are slow.

In BioShock 2 you take the role of a Big Daddy who was ordered to kill himself in front of his Little Sister. Years later he awakes in a destroyed Rapture running rampant with insane residents, he is in search of his Little Sister who has aged into a young adult. He had been living in a coma state after he unloaded a gun into his brain.

Score: 65%

The Atmospheric Diving Suit is flawed in many ways compared to the other 2 suits listed here due to its lack of perks. A Big Daddy could destroy Isaac in a battle and maybe even Alcatraz but would be extremely wounded in the process. Its drill is really its high point which can tear anything apart.


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