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October 29, 2012 by misterblank22

Somewhere Tanner must have taken a wrong turn. He was given the best directions anyone could ask for but the man still managed to get lost. He could have possibly made a left turn at an intersection while chasing after a 1970’s Cadillac and never looked back. He may have even flown to another country to speed through their streets in their cars after their criminals. Wherever Tanner may be will remain a mystery until he makes a return worth the trouble of returning.

To me Tanner is dead; he was shot in the back by Jericho in Driv3r and that is where he has stayed for years. He was brought back in a bizarre way in Driver San Francisco in a comatose state driving around his memory, but to me that never happened.  To me he is still in an Istanbul hospital with Calita in custody and Tobias holding a gun.

It’s sad to see such a cool character in such a cool franchise never really get anywhere. The first Driver is considered a classic which set the stage for a franchise that should have been more than it was or is, it also set the stage for failure. Driver 2 wove a story together in such a unique way that spanned across four different areas. It introduced a new way of roaming around a city where you could get out of your car and run around. The characters were great but the pacing was horrible and the missions felt like they were pieced into the game within the last-minute. The graphics were good for their time and the soundtrack was awesome. But critically it did not live up to the first game but they tried to remedy that with Driv3r, and failed. I loved the game; I watched the demos constantly before its release and I couldn’t wait for it to come out. When it did it brought with it a great soundtrack and graphics but more bugs than Skyrim and some difficult driving missions. It gave Tanner the ability to shoot a gun which was not an element of the first games but it really took away from that Driver feel.

To me that is where the franchise ends, it is dead and it will remain dead unless the characters can be resurrected in a better way with a better story like the first three. I think that the developers lose the plot fast when they make a Driver game. They start out with great intentions but something gets in their way from creating the hit that the franchise has the potential to create. Of course it needs to be made with a modern feel since every gamer will, and always have, compared the series to Grand Theft Auto. But I feel Driver has a gritty and dark mood with a bloody outer shell that no other game franchise has. It would just be nice to see that element fully realized so it could launch this series into the classic mode it deserves.


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