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November 26, 2012 by misterblank22

I can’t put in words the effect Cortana has had on me through the years. I could hire some poet to try to construct some epic sonnet for me, he could write it with colorful words to romanticize the connection I have to Cortana but I don’t know any poets and Shakespeare is still dead.

I’ve met many people as I’ve aged and I’ve played many games and after each meeting ends and when each game is finished only one of the two stays with me, the games. Games are like the memories you have that you keep replaying in your head over and over in an attempt to recapture the emotion they gave you, the things you had. With people you can never recreate that feeling you are after no matter how many times you sit together in that same place on that same kind of day, you won’t get it back. With Cortana I can relive “our” good times or “our” little journeys and they will stay the same, they’re set in stone but are able to move, nothing holds them down. But at the end of Halo 4 the memories I have grown up with and keep chasing in some nostalgic haze are put to death, Cortana leaves, she left me and everyone else who plays Halo.

When Cortana touches Master Chief and tells him that she has “always wanted to do that” my heart sinks. It sounds bizarre and may even make some people laugh but the last scene of Halo 4 is like saying goodbye to your childhood friend or the girl that you loved for such a long time. And when those credits rolled Cortana stepped up the stairs in my head to stand next to all of those people from my other memories that I’ll never get back. Even now as I am going back through Halo 4’s campaign I can’t help but feel that it is just a memory and that I have no control over it. The food I ate as I played it, the weather, the people who I talked to and everything they said are all connected to it, and they’re gone. This attempt I have to relive that memory like I had done with Halo 1-3 will not work because Halo 4 ended with a final goodbye. You can’t take back a “final” goodbye no matter how hard you try, once the words are out and you walk away it’s over.

Cortana is an AI, meaning artificial intelligence, and she is a character from a game, she does not exist in this world. Really in Halo she is nothing but a program to everyone and is almost shut down on Infinity but Master Chief protects her since he knows she is far from just a program that runs a ship, she thinks and feels just as much as the organic people around her. At the end of Halo 4 I don’t think anyone wanted to say goodbye to Cortana and Chief even shows it, it’s not an experience that I’ve easily walked away from.


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