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December 11, 2012 by misterblank22

darksouls13To play Dark Souls you have to first numb every nerve in your body and find some way to alter the way you accept failure. Every step you take can kill you not only because you could fall off of a cliff but because each step brings you closer to a skeleton with a sword or a dragon ready to kill you. To say Dark Souls is unforgiving is too nice, really Dark Souls destroys everything about you. It kills you and laughs at you while you’re on the ground bleeding to death, then it takes all of the souls you’ve collected and starts you over. Man it is fun.

dark-soulsDark Souls proves to be a game I will have to pass down to my kids and when I’m on my death-bed I’ll pull my son or daughter close to me and whisper in their ear “Did you finally beat Dark Souls.” And if my child turns out to be anything like me they will smile and say “It was easy.” I would die happy knowing that Dark Souls was beaten and laugh at the bold face lie I was told, that game is not easy.


But now I’ve been struck with the news that From Software is making a second Dark Souls, I’m a little speechless. Can I really accept being killed that many times again? The answer is yes and with a big smile. I think there is something inside of Dark Souls players that love the challenge it gives us, we like to get killed over and over because when we do live we feel extremely better and accomplished. Living never felt as good in a video game as it does in Dark Souls. In Halo or any other successful game when you die you know that you have a comfortable checkpoint to go back to with everything you previously had still in your inventory. In Dark Souls you have a horrible checkpoint surrounded by revived enemies and all of your souls gone.


Will I beat Dark Souls in time for Dark Souls 2? Or better yet will I ever beat Dark Souls? The answer is most likely no. This is a game that surprises me and beats me into loving it. Skyrim is good but I can only play it for a short time before I get bored, with Dark Souls I can sink a day into it and still be happy, even with an arrow in my face and everything I worked for gone I still love this game.



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