December 13, 2012 by misterblank22


The Hitman series ranks high on my list of “Great Franchises” which makes this review hard to write. Hitman Absolution hurt the franchise but did not destroy it. Many of the elements that are offered in this outing are bold which is always needed to bring life back into an aging game franchise and I welcome these changes, for the most part. The challenge that the series was built upon has been completely taken away unfortunately. Instinct mode along with showing buttons above everything you can use sucks all of the exploration out of the game, even on the harder modes. This mode fails in most aspects apart from the “hiding” it offers when disguised. It feels amazing to have just changed into a police outfit and hide your face with your hat as you walk by or to pretend to talk on your radio. But that is really the only high point with this feature. Agent 47 is back from his hiatus but he doesn’t seem to be fully prepared.


When I play a game the story comes first, it is what catches me and reels me in. Absolution starts off strong with a dark opening mission with the task of killing your handler and friend Diana.

Hitman-Absolution-Human-Agent-47-IO-Interactive-headerIt contains everything that makes a Hitman game great, vagueness, stealth and a target. Also a mix of emotion is added to the pot when Diana falls to the ground dying as Agent 47 stands over her. She tells him about a girl who he has to protect before she dies. This girl, Victoria, is being tested on much like Agent 47 was when he was younger which makes the never emotional 47 feel some sort of tingle in his conscience, I guess you could call it empathy. After Diana breathes her last breath 47 destroys his ties with the Agency, who sent him there to assassinate Diana, and takes on the job of rescuing Victoria the damsel in distress who happens to wear a school girl outfit.

1000px-Absolution_-_Victoria_-_Sleeping_faceAfter the events of Hitman Silent Assassin Agent 47 is an estranged Catholic, he had lived at a church and prayed for help and guidance during Silent Assassin before falling back into his work. Now the only place he feels safe is a church where he takes Victoria to stay. After this scene you should just take your game out and play Silent Assassin or Contracts, this may prevent you from going into a blind rage at the Walker Texas Ranger type story that follows. But if you’re a gamer you’ll keep playing while gritting your teeth at the bad dialogue along with the ridiculous attempt to make these rednecks out to be evil killers with no remorse or concept of the law.


Doesn’t he look like Brad Pitt from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

You’re then introduced to a weird man covered in bird crap who gets all of his information from his pet doves. I’m not sure which is more unbelievable that a guy gets his information from birds or that a genetically altered assassin believes him. Maybe 47 knows something we don’t, maybe he can hear the birds too. Also a ten foot tall disproportionate wrestler joins the cast of ridiculousness taking the story into the realm of idiots in cowboy hats that only Chuck Norris could defeat with his intense stare. Oh and there are the latex wearing S&M nuns.


“Praise Jesus, after I whip you, that is an order. The safe word is Amen.”


Playing the game is almost always fun. It controls very well which sort of makes up for the story, I’m lying it cannot mend the wounds that the story created. This is a game for people who have never played a Hitman game before since it tells you everything to do. What destroys it for me though is that your weapons are always hidden. If you are carrying a sniper rifle don’t worry you can just make it disappear by holstering it, it looks like you are weaponless. In the other entries to the series 47 would lower a rifle but it could never be hidden, unless you had a suitcase which has been completely removed from this game.



Hitman Absolution is beautiful in every mission from crawling through a bunch of marijuana plants in a hippie’s apartment to city streets. The characters faces are brought to life and make them believable, I suggest you mute it or play in French so you have no idea what they are saying to create a better effect.



4 out of 10-The story ruined it for me

If you read this entire review you can easily see where I had a problem with this game, the story. Maybe I’m too hard on Absolution due to my love for Silent Assassin and challenges in games. I could be accused of living in the past with this franchise but I still feel Silent Assassin and Contracts are brilliant games. If Blood Money’s notoriety system and weapon upgrades were added to the old formula then I’d have the perfect Hitman game. This is just my opinion and I do not want it to shy you away from this game, it is enjoyable occasionally.




  1. ctowngaming says:

    I am also a huge Hitman fan aswell, I too though this game was mediocre and had a host of problems. My main complaint is defiantly the crap disguise system, I thought the story was ok. My main issue with the story was the fact this it just seems to dramatic for a Hitman story, and they made up all sorts of things to make the story work. Hitman games were always about the gameplay and the mission briefing, I never played Hitman hoping the story made since or was good. It was simple you had a target and a host of ways to kill him, and you had Diana giving you a awesome briefing and following you along the way. None the less, nice review I appreciate the time put into it and will follow you. I would appreciate if you would return the favor, thank you Mike.

    • I’m happy you liked my blog and thanks for the nice comment; I’m following your blog now and I’ve checked out your youtube also and will probably watch most of the videos to get some help on some the challenges I’ve missed out on in Hitman Absolution. And I agree, I really missed Diana’s briefing in this game.

      • ctowngaming says:

        Thanks for the re-follow and taking the time to watch my videos, I am working on more Hitman videos soon. I have been very busy with the holiday and haven’t had as much time to make them.

  2. gintheo says:

    I’m a big fan of the Hitman series and I always wanted to do this Absolution review. But somehow, after playing it, I just could not bring myself to write it. I know deep down I will be bias and try to find the little good it has mixed with all the points I didnt like.

    This was one game I believe, the hype got a bit too high and it turned out poor.

    You mentioned story. Yes, it’s damn too slow for my liking imo. Good graphics and awesome CGI has taken over the good storyline or play factor and this has been the maim focal point to attract consumers/gamers.

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