December 17, 2012 by misterblank22

wet-game-wallpaper-screenshotOver the years there have been several unique and compelling games that have been forgotten or never brought into the light. Sometimes you can blame the release date for the ultimate death that these games received, sometimes other things. Nothing, not even a game by Shakespeare could outsell a Halo or Call of Duty if their release dates happened to be too close together. When these unfortunate things happen these lost games become “cult” hits or a game you buy one day when you’re waiting for something else to come out, but you fall in love once you own it and wonder why you are the only one who’s ever heard of it.


My Coffee Told Me All About It

Deadly Premonition is a game that was ahead of its time with the detective elements it had and the ability to learn clues about your case from the foam in your coffee. Years later LA Noire would be released packed full of detective elements along with dialogue choices but it lacked the coffee, maybe if Cole Phelps had a decent supply of coffee helping him out he wouldn’t be sleeping with the fishes right now.

Over the years Deadly Premonition has gained a large following of people who mock it to people who walk around talking to their imaginary friend hoping that he’ll give them clues on various things from which soda to get from a vending machine or if they should go to college and pursue that lifelong goal of being a marine biologist.


Francis York Morgan travels to a small town called Greenvale to solve a murder case that quickly spins out of control leading the player through a swirling story filled with monsters and a transsexual. As York and his imaginary friend Zach try to solve Greenvale’s murders he starts to find many things out about himself leading to a very strong ending that actually left me strangely teary eyed.

What held this game back was the graphics and the lack of interest at the time and maybe even that York had to bathe or flies would gather around him. But over the years the game has become an underground sensation causing the developers to even start a sequel. Will the raincoat killer return?


A Robot At First Glance

Why did Vanquish disappear so fast? Why does it seem that it has been completely forgotten, it offered the player everything they could ever want. At the end of each mission you were rated and given a score which falls in with basic human emotion, we like to be shown how good we are at something and of course be rewarded for it.


I fell in love with Vanquish after the first two minutes of playing it. I could dash and slow down time as I slid on the ground while destroying robots and it didn’t exhaust me with too many details but didn’t leave me wanting more. Vanquish managed story with gameplay very well which is rarely done anymore. Games are interactive which sets them apart from a movie. A movie makes the viewer sit still in their chair, feet glued to the floor while a kid kicks the back of their seat as two teenagers make out next to them. Video games are much different, mainly because the “arcade” fashion has suffered a viscous fatality resulting in gamers rarely having to go out. A game gives the player a larger ability to feel connected to the characters on-screen. Just ask a Mass Effect player if they shed some tears when their crew members died.


Vanquish brought Bullet Hell back into games, meaning the screen is literally covered in bullets flying in all directions from your enemies. To truly get the full impact of Sam Gideon’s adventure is on hard mode since it shows his suits limitations, revealing the DARPA created suit’s many flaws.

This game really inspired me, pushing me into realms I had never been before in my script writing and not focusing so hard on story, I even began writing a Vanquish 2 in hopes that I could play as Sam again. But this game has fallen out of sight for reasons I honestly do not know. Yes some voice acting is a bit “off” and some of the characters lines are strange but that should never have held it back.

She’s Pretty But She Can Cut Your Head Off

WET is a game that I really enjoyed, it felt like a more approachable Ninja Gaiden. It is your typical hack and slash game with a grindhouse approach, vintage theater cartoons appear in-between missions which is a large nod to grindhouse films.

game_rubi_concept06Rubi Malone is a bounty hunter who gets into a bind after accepting a job from an older man, voiced by the great Malcolm McDowell, to find his son. She gets pulled into gunfire, torture, a battle with a tattooed katana wielding girl and a spoiled rich kids “plot”. It is a really fun ride that I go back and play off on and on, there is something about dual wielding and cutting bad guys into pieces that just keeps calling me back. It failed manly due to repetition in gameplay, it also has a hard time standing out amongst all of the other hack and slash titles out there.

Unfortunately these games have gotten lost in the dust. Yes they are not the greatest video games you will ever play but they should be on every gamers shelf at least once.




  1. I played LA Noir, it was okay, and yeah an improved sequel would have been nice, for sure! I thought WET was unique. It was challenging due to the frenetic pace, and it felt to me like a combo of video game and pinball.

    • I still play WET from time to time, you described it best as a video game combined with pinball, sometimes I need the fast pacing that WET is made of, especially when I keep dying in Ninja Gaiden, WET is a refresher.

      • I was looking for my copy of WET. I got lost in the hundred or so games I have saved over the years, games I can’t part with.
        Many of them are PS2. I think it’s such a rip that they don’t work in my PS3.
        Lesser graphics, sure, but some of the games seem more appealing.

      • Yeah old games aren’t going to work on the PS4 either for some reason, I think the best games are from the PS2 and XBOX era, they had more to them I think, the newer games are more focused on graphics.

      • I agree with you.
        I think they want to make sure we can’t play our old games. That way we are forced to buy new games and they can re-release some of the better selling older ones for the new platforms.
        Just think of all the games we won’t be able to play on PS4.

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