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December 25, 2012 by misterblank22

July 9th, 2012 @ 04:56:41How do you get out of a tough situation when all of the cards are against you? Do you fold and make a dash for the door leaving the cash on the table for the other players to take? No you believe in the hand you’re dealt and make the other players eat the cards if you lose, the Far Cry 3 way.

Things do not go well for you at all in FC3. One minute you’re on a trip filled with booze and your pretty girlfriend who wants to make it in Hollywood. Then you decide to skydive while listening to MIA’s “Paper Planes”. What could go wrong?  Nothing except murder, torture, tribes and strange drugs. That doesn’t sound too bad does it?


To survive in Far Cry 3 I had to abandon what makes me who I am. I had to completely discard my love for animals in the first 10 minutes of the game by killing several of them and skinning them to make a bag to carry all of my things, it wasn’t easy. Then as I began to play further I found the inner Indian in me, I had to live off of the land to survive. To make health shots I had to find certain plants, to be able to carry more loot I had to skin more animals to make wallets. I still hate shooting a pig or running over a dog but I need to be able to carry more guns and loot, I can’t run around a strange island with only two guns, I need a shotgun and a sniper rifle too.

The game begins with Jason and his brother Grant, a marine, captured by a strange group of men who want to sell them to the highest bidder. Soon Grant is shot in the throat by the vicious Vaas, a crazy man donning a Mohawk and a strange appetite to ramble about insanity. Within five minutes Jason, the protagonist, has to hold his brother’s throat as he bleeds to death, it was extremely emotional, I really wanted to save him but his death was inevitable. So with Grants blood on his hands Jason dashes away into the jungle as Vaas shoots at him, what a way to spend a vacation.


“Jason, this whole “skydiving” thing was worth it, I really liked almost being burned alive and sold into slavery.”

Soon Jason tracks down his surviving friends and his Hollywood bound girlfriend Liza but then from left field enters a mysterious tribal girl named Citra who intoxicates Jason with an old potion from her tribe. This sends Jason into one of his many drugged dazes which also introduces him to his mind and shows him what he has to do to get off of that island. As the game progresses things spin out of control and Jason transforms into a more animal version of himself. The island throws him into many different and sometimes violent situations in Far Cry 3 which take him far from the wimpy traits he starts the game off with and injects a full dose of Clint Eastwood into his veins.



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