January 14, 2013 by misterblank22

bordelandsWPWhat causes a person to do the unthinkable and kill? Is it a chemical imbalance in the brain, or is it a mental illness that has been left untreated? Or is it the fact that this killer has played Grand Theft Auto too many times? Could a simulated experience from a video game cause a person to do something that people have been doing since time began? No. History will show you that people will attack the things that they do not understand. In the late 50’s and early 60’s rock music was being boycotted due to suggestive themes and the possible power of corrupting an entire youth into angry sexual beings. Soon Beatles records were stomped on by media diluted people with a head full of hate and fingers to point. It is also obvious that change in media tends to anger older generations. No parent liked the hippie movement, no parent liked the swing movement and no king liked his wife to think. All of those things were far from what they grew to find normal. But what amazes me is that these people who hate what they don’t understand will use even more violence to combat the supposed violence. Burn that fire with an even bigger fire!



Now games are being burned to save the children from violence. They get 25 dollars if they give away their copies of Halo, getting paid to destroy things, that doesn’t sound damaging to you does it, actually it sounds a bit like Grand Theft Auto. Luckily they have reneged on these little schemes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if these sort of things start showing up in many more towns, kind of like the T Virus in Raccoon City.

To pick up a gun or a knife or to simply run people over takes more than a game to convince someone into doing such a thing. It was thought that The Looney Tunes was too violent for kids; I have yet to see someone from that era dropping TNT on rabbits or relentlessly pursing a road runner.


“Please don’t burn me and my friends…”

As time progresses things will change, shattering the past with it. What is new is not bad or worse than what came before it. Standards change and bars are raised. Bela Lugosi as Dracula is laughable to me but is frightening to anyone who saw the movie in the theatre when it was new. The new scares the old while the old scared the older, nothing changes unless we change it. No one can pry open eyes that have been closed for decades and no one can make the blind see. People are animals who try to avoid their animal emotions. Luckily emotions and urges can be controlled if properly recognized. When a shooting occurs the world shakes and when we straighten up we start to search for what shook us, most of the time we find the wrong thing to point our fingers at.




  1. gintheo says:

    impressive piece. it baffles me as much when i got to know about this. times are getting bad and instead of pointing fingers to something like games, why can’t we look into the real issue? :/

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