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January 27, 2013 by misterblank22

575337When I was a kid there was only one thing that I ever wanted to be when I grew up and that was a superhero, a faceless hero with his name splattered all across the media and enough good deeds attached to his name that Gandhi would be jealous. All heroes are immune to the lives that reality gives us; a superhero defies the laws of gravity and physics. But in the original comics of Spiderman and Batman these heroes were also immune to emotion; they were never depressed and never hated their career which what drew everyone to them, reality hadn’t found them yet.

But with time comes evolution bringing a massive change to everything that came before, either adapt to that change or forever be lost in the dust. As comics developed heroes became more human causing you to feel sorry for the hero instead of envying them and looking up to them. Spiderman always had girl problems along with school problems but he never really hated what he had become until later. When you read that your hero wants to give up it causes you to pity them but it also makes you smile because you know that your imaginary hero isn’t so much higher than you. In reality heroes are no different from the common guy running the hotdog stand down the street. Heroes can fly but so can birds and they tend to fly into windows.


Then came Alan Moore a bizarre bearded man with a strange view on the idea of the “hero”. He distorted the smile on these super beings faces and replaced their joy with problems, normal everyday problems. He brought us Watchmen pushing that evolution of comics even further. He gave us several people to root for and hate at the same time but not one character not even Rorschach had what his character V had. Was V a hero? Do you root for this vindictive vigilante valiantly pursing his goal or do you fear him? He destroyed laws and took down leaders with his ideas, ideas that made more sense to me than anything a politician has ever said to me from a TV.  V for Vendetta frightens me as time passes due to how much of the subject matter is coming true. Are we still human or have we turned ourselves into cows just following what we’re told? Freedom is becoming scarce.

comic book

But when I open up a comic book I do not want to see my hero weak or sad. What makes a comic book so appealing is how implausible it is. A back-story is great and so is a good sad chapter but do not root my hero into reality if he was born in a bizarre dream.  The trend is to deepen every story ever told which I sometimes do enjoy. A different twist on an aging product can be nice but simplicity is what stands the test of time. It’s better to let the reader fill in a few blanks or to never know then to drown them in information. But we all tend to grow up from Spiderman and into V.



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