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March 2, 2013 by misterblank22


Nothing will ever compare to the first Crysis game mainly due to its gameplay.  The player was given a vast tropical island to explore while wearing a high-tech Nanosuit. Crytek pioneered this element of roaming a beautiful island with their game Far Cry which lent its setting to Crysis. When Crysis 2 came out the freedom of the vast jungle was taken away and replaced with the concrete jungle of New York, the Nanosuit was still present but in such a tight setting as New York I treated the game as a simple corridor shooter instead of a tactical one like its predecessor.  Crysis 3 combined the two settings but left out the exploration that came with the first game which is its only substantial downfall.



With any game I flock to the story first and I understand that I will not get an award-winning story out of a Crysis game, emotional depth was not present in the first two installments so I knew not to expect it in this one. But, and there’s always a but, I was slightly surprised at Prophet and Psycho’s (Now just Michael Sykes) emotional story arc. Prophet has become less than human due to his Nanosuit while Psycho has been “Skinned”  from his Nanosuit leaving him feeling less of a soldier and more of a weak tag along but by the end Prophet makes him realize that being human is the strongest weapon there is (Prophets tend to do that).


“Everyone love yourself because you are all so special.” – Prophet from the book of Self Respect

The game begins with a beautiful rain drenched set piece filled with rescue and a hunting bow. Prophet follows Psycho around taking down CELL operatives while trying to convince Psycho that the Ceph are still alive. Psycho has trouble believing him since Prophets only real evidence that the Ceph still exist is a vision he had. (“Prophets” like to have visions)

Psycho leads Prophet out the CELL base and into the jungle covered New York where cabs and deer can run free. Once out and into fresh air we get to see what New York has become. Grass grows through the ground, trees reach up to the sky and every hot dog stand is gone, every last one of them. This scene was absolutely jaw dropping, I felt like I was in a movie in extreme HD.  When I look up I could see the Nanodome that CELL had put over the city in their plan for world domination, bad guys always destroy the world so they can take it over.


The story then spins in a way that every gamer is accustomed. The bad guys shoot at you, you find a group trying to fight back (Led by Psycho’s girlfriend) then a dark secret emerges and our hero starts to lose himself as he gets closer to the answer. The last mission really pulls it all together with a few surprises and a very frightening ending with a worm hole opening in the sky. With every enemy killed and the credits rolling I felt very satisfied and excited to go back through the game to see it all again. The story may not push too many boundaries but it does pull you along between the beautiful set pieces.



Everything that was fun about using the Nanosuit in the first Crysis is back for Crysis 3. Cloaking to sneak past a group of enemies and then turning back around to shoot an arrow through their heads just for good measure feels great. Jumping from tall ledges and turning Maximum Armor on as you land to not take damage than shooting an arrow in the head of a CELL member just for good measure once again just feels great. Did I mention you can shoot enemies with a compound bow, because you can.


The compound bow plays a large role in gameplay but the best perk is that when you fire it while cloaked the cloaking device will not deactivate for a few seconds like it does with every other gun which is great for stealth gurus. One mission I simply cloaked, tagged every enemy using my visor and went around with my bow shooting. The CELL soldiers were so confused that they couldn’t see their attacker so they tossed an EMP near the last confirmed kill to destroy my cloaking device. Even though my cover was blown I felt joy that the AI would act in such an intelligent way.

Also to add to the depth of the gameplay is a leveling up system. These places must be found by tagging them while in visor mode. You have several perks that you can purchase with experience points such as a longer cloaking time to stronger armor. But these places can be easily missed if the player does not scan the area they are in for their locations.



9 out of 10

Out of all the AAA sequels that have been flooding the market lately Crysis 3 holds up much like Halo 4 did for me (Halo 4 being my favorite Halo now). It stayed true to its natural form while evolving it. It only failed in a few places such as some story segments and the lack of freedom that I enjoyed so much in the first Crysis. But with the next generation of consoles coming and the ending of Crysis 3 being what it was I feel we may see another island roaming Crysis game soon. If you were a fan of the first two in the series then Crysis 3 is for you.



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