March 8, 2013 by misterblank22

*Note to Reader: The screenshots I am using are from various game sites and Game Informer, but the legitimacy of them is questionable.


Thief lies in the foggy mist, he jumps from rooftop to rooftop sneaking into people’s houses looting their things and selling them to the highest bitter. The City is corrupt and filled with monsters and plagues. The music is atmospheric with bizarre noises that create a sense of dread. These elements are what make a Thief game enjoyable but my fear is Thief 4 will not have them.

The screenshots, if they are legitimate, show a world in a bluish tone but worse off it is a bright world. Thief 4 is a reboot to the franchise which leads me to fear this “Are they just going to give us the first Thief but with better graphics and gameplay?” I hope not but the way gaming trends are going I wouldn’t be too surprised.


It feels that every game is rushed to the release date anymore. This could be because of high demands from publishers or that they rely on DLC (Downloadable content) to fix the mistakes they knew they shipped the game with. Thief 4 has been in development for several years now so the mistakes should be solved by its release date in 2014. But my biggest fear is that this will be a lackluster product where graphics took the throne and left gameplay and story on the street fighting over bread. To me, if these screenshots are real, Thief 3 had better graphics.


Screenshot from Thief: Deadly Shadows (Thief 3)

Garrett is a strange protagonist from a strange game. (Thief 3 happens to be my favorite game in gaming history) Garrett is weak, selfish, rarely speaks but is also noble. Thief 3 ended with Garrett in the place of Keeper Artemus from the first Thief stopping a child from robbing him. As the years past with Thief 4 only a title leaving fans daydreaming about the possibilities of Garrett’s next adventure I wondered if Garrett would be a mentor training the next thief for next generation consoles. But Thief 4 is a reboot which is a term that basically means “We’re just retelling you the same story but with a different twist and some new gameplay.”


 And a guy with a checkered face…

The gaming industry has become filled with reboots or HD versions of games which sounds an awful lot like Hollywood where we get a new version of Spiderman every year or a Halloween remake. Has story telling dried up? Is it that hard to conjure up a new story for our beloved characters to go through? My theory is that we can think of new stories but the “look” is more important to everyone, more time is spent on special effects or graphics than anything else. Resident Evil has gotten flashy and filled with explosions, all first person shooters focus on online play and everything else is put on the back-burner. Are we on the verge of a gaming crash? Revolutionary ideas are rare anymore; Dishonored has been the only game in the past five years that is different from the pack, it paved its own road in the shadows while everyone else kept walking the straight line.


I am excited for Thief 4 and will hold my judgment until it is released, screenshots and a brief synopsis can’t show/tell everything. As the gaming world continues this long nose dive of online only (I’m looking at you Sim City) and graphics obsessed publishers I’ll continue playing Thief Deadly Shadows, I may even pull out my old N64 for a breath of fresh air, Army Men Sarge’s Heroes here I come.




  1. I have to agree with you about the gaming industry having become repetitive in terms of ideas and stories. It used to be a lot more exciting. Resident Evil, please, what happened? It used to make me shudder with glee and fear, then it became like Metal Gear with Zombies… (I actually had a crush on Snake Lol!)
    I’ll have to check out Dishonored.

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