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March 30, 2013 by misterblank22


I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for following me, liking some of my posts and commenting, words can’t actually describe how much I appreciate it. Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted a game related entry in a while; this is mainly because I’m unhappy with the latest games. I have been impressed a couple of times though; Crysis 3 was very good along with Metal Gear Rising. I’m happy to say they were both worth the pre orders. Unfortunately I can’t say this for everything I have played or am playing. Dead Space 3 has ultimately let me down, I have tried hard to get into it but I feel I am fighting the game more than I am fighting the Nercomorphs.

To be fully honest I have held back on a new game related post mainly because it would be very negative and no one likes to read something negative. I am afraid that games are falling into a rut similar to Hollywood and I want to hold my tongue.  I started writing a Resident Evil 6 review after I beat it but I’ve left it on the shelf for months now because I gave it a 1 out of a 1000 (I had to upgrade the high score from a 10 to a 1000 to prove how disappointed I was).  But I promise you that a game entry will come soon.

The Abattoir Requiem

I was originally never going to post this or even allude to it.  I toyed with the idea of dedicating a separate blog to it much like I’ve done with my play but I have never gone back to that even once to post. So I have been posting it here on my gaming blog, which may have turned some people off at first, I hope not.

I appreciate those of you who have been reading it and liking it. It’s actually a very personal story for me and has autobiographical portions. No I have not been given manuscripts in the night but I do have sleep paralysis and almost everything that the protagonist sees I’ve actually seen. I’ve had a shadow with glowing red eyes crawl on all fours for me as I laid paralyzed in bed, I’ve stayed up for a week straight allowing myself only 15 minutes of sleep a day to avoid another bad night. Sleep paralysis is a strange thing that some of us have to go through; science tells us that everyone will experience something of this nature at least once.

I’ll give you a quick description of what causes this so you can understand. When you go to sleep your mind shuts off your body, in a way, to keep it from acting out your dreams. In sleep paralysis your mind wakes up but your body keeps hitting the snooze button which renders you paralyzed, you can barely breathe as you lay there. You can call out but it is extremely hard to force the words from your mouth. Now for the shadows and figures that slap you in the face scientists say that it is your brain projecting your dream onto the real world. A Nightmare on Elm Street is slightly inspired by this. Wes Craven had heard about several men from South East Asia who complained of nightmares and refused to sleep, they soon died in their sleep; reports said that their hearts simply stopped.

My experiences range from harmless to extremely frightening, I will never forget what was whispered in my ear after an hour of figures staring at me and the worst breathing coming from my wall. I can still hear its voice; it said one of the most hopeless things someone could speak while still attempting to attack me. The Abattoir Requiem is something that I’ve put my experiences into with a fictional twist.  I hope it is enjoyable to some of you and I promise that games will take full focus again sometime soon.


If anyone has a certain game they’d like reviewed then I will try my best to write one for you in a reasonable amount of time. For example if you’re hesitant about Dead Space 3 and would like an opinion on it I would write a review for you.

But either way I want to say thank you all.



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