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April 1, 2013 by misterblank22

Whether you are breaking the laws of physics by grinding up a street light or spraying graffiti in the face of the law Jet Set Radio will keep you hooked. The dance beats that ring in your ears fuel you, it makes you try to spray over every opposing gang’s graffiti art. Each character dances as they speak making you stand up to dance along with them, controller in hand.

The landscapes glow like an electronic concert, neon lighting shoots out of your skates with each jump. Painting over beautiful landmarks with a monkey eating a banana never felt so good.

Gum-Wallpaper-jet-set-radio-future-13923444-600-450Each character from Beat to Corn (Jet Set Radio Future) glows with an original hue. No dialogue is ever heard from these characters apart from a few grunts and cheers but you love them anyway. Corn’s flame covered pants, Beats ridiculous headphones and Gum just being Gum all make you love the GG’s. Is there a story? Yes, but the gameplay paired with the music is really where it’s at.

There are only a few games that exist that put you into a mood. Metal Gear will make you feel powerful with a gruff voice caused from years of smoking; Sonic will make you feel fast in a thin frail body and Jet Set Radio will fill you with energy and make you dance till the break of dawn to “The Concept of Love”.



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