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April 9, 2013 by misterblank22

Terraria1Kyle stares helplessly out his window at the foreboding night that looms before him. Deep in his mind he can’t help but think that the man he was supposed to guide has somehow gotten lost. In his mind he can see his limp body being torn apart by zombies while clutching his iron pickaxe.

Nurse Hannah comes up to comfort Kyle at the window. She puts her arm on his shoulder but Kyle quickly shoves her hand away.

“Plissken’s dead Hannah, I know it!” Kyle says in a burst of emotion. Hannah attempts to comfort him again but with words instead of her unwanted touch.

“You taught him well Kyle; he will do fine, just imagine what he’s found.” Her words did not comfort Kyle.

“There is so much I should have told him. I forgot the old man.” A moan erupts from outside their door followed by repeated bangs upon its weak wood surface. Kyle looks at Hannah in distress along with slight defeat. Hannah quickly runs to a chest in the corner of the room. It creaks when she opens it which draws Kyle’s attention to her.

“What are you doing, he took the sword with him?” Hannah ignores Kyle’s words and pulls out a bow along with a handful of arrows.

“I’m going to the roof, if I can pick off just a few of these guys he may have a chance of getting back into the house.” Kyle puts his hand out to stop Hannah’s determined movement.

“I’ll do it; you need to be ready to help him if he’s wounded.” Kyle says in a gentle tone, something Hannah is not used to.

“Ok Kyle…” Hannah reluctantly hands Kyle the bow and arrows. Kyle smiles at her.

“The night isn’t forever, we can make this.” His words comfort her and they both share a smile before he darts out of the room for the cobblestone stairs. Hannah quickly turns to her nursing quarters.

Kyle opens the door to the roof and steps out, the moans of several hungry zombies roar from down below, proving to Kyle that their chances of survival are slim.

Quickly from above shooting like a bullet is a Demon Eye. It flies towards Kyle who quickly shoots an arrow for an attack but ultimately misses. He quickly tries a second attack but fails. Kyle’s hands are sweating as he places the next arrow on the bow but he is too late. The Demon Eye attacks Kyle sending him flying back. He slams onto the stone surface of the roof causing his arrows to scatter in all directions. He quickly tries to grab one before the menacing eye can attack.

As soon as Kyle draws the arrow the Demon Eye falls to the ground in death. He is shocked by the sudden defeat of his pursuer. Then an outstretched hand reaches for him.

“Plissken…” Kyle smiles wide when he sees his friend standing before him in one piece.

“I wouldn’t miss this party for the world.” Plissken says in a gruff voice. “Now get up!” Plissken grabs Kyle’s hand and pulls him to his feet. From the darkness a clan of Demon Eyes race towards the two with the intent to kill. Plissken pushes Kyle down to the ground and points his gun at the impending doom that flies before him. Kyle covers his ears.

“We’re gonna die.” Kyle cries.

“Not on my watch.” Plissken says as he fires three bullets from his pistol. The metal bodies of the bullets cut through the air and destroy the Demon Eye’s before their first attack.

Plissken leads Kyle back into the house and into Hannah’s room. She turns to him with a hug and smiles. “I knew you’d make it Plissken!” He throws a bag onto the table which causes the two to look at it in wonder.

“What did you find?” Kyle asks in an excited tone.

“Just what we need to make it through another day.” Plissken says in a gruff mysterious tone.



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