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April 16, 2013 by misterblank22


January 1st

“And the gods came down from heaven with light in their hearts!” Joseph Dylan said at his podium, the entire crowd followed with cheers. “Their eyes glowed of silver and their tongues spoke with spice!” The crowd cheered once again. Hoover lit a small cigarette with a grin. He blended in with the crowd in that large theatre. He pushed up his round glasses as smoke drifted around his thin frame. He pressed on his velvet brown suit to feel the handle of his gun. “Truth encompassed every syllable they spoke, they broke the foundation of the heavens, they breathed life into the planets, they grew grass from their tears, and they drank from the essence of blood all for us!” Joseph raised his long arms into the air. The crowd cheered loudly which caused Hoover to grin once again.

Lightening flashed outside the wide windows overlooking the dirty streets. Thunder followed with a scream. Hoover put his lips to Olivia’s ear who wore the cheap versions of the finest clothing. “The ridiculous is infectious.” Olivia smiled wide with her puffy lips making a tight U.

“They lowered the moon so the sun could rise as a gift to us! But the days have gotten shorter my friends; you have seen the days dwindle into the night like crumbling mountains. Have the gods become angry with us?” Joseph said with his intense eyes peering down onto the crowd of eager men and women, each ready to devour his words and hold them high as truths.

Olivia reached deep into Hoover’s front pocket surprising him. She pulled out his gold pocket watch that dangled from a chain tied to his belt. “The time?” Olivia said in her layered English accent. Hoover held the watch to examine the hands on the clock.

“Half past 8, if these buggers want longer days how about they try shortening their winded speeches.” Hoover said as he pocketed his watch. Once again he felt the handle of his gun under his coat.

“Still there?” Olivia said in an almost unrecognizable dialect.

“Of course, but those things have been looking over here, I’m nervous.” Hoover said as he pointed at the man-sized doves sitting on the ledge above them.

“Could they-?” Olivia said but Hoover quickly interrupted her.

“Keep it to a minimum Olivia, I’m not quite sure what they can hear, they may have already singled us out.” Olivia grabbed hold of Hoover’s arm in fear.

“I feel the youth are destroying our fates! Our places in heaven are dwindling friends. Look around you; do any of you see the children of our time here tonight? Where are they? Worse yet, have they shunned the gods’ kisses?” Joseph leaned over his podium like a ? ready to break at the hook. “I’m prepared to burn them all alive my friends, we must not let their actions corrupt our image in the eyes of the gods. If they do not change then we all will burn in the valleys of fire. Our skin will be no more; we will be left scarred and void of features. You and I will become shells of our selves. Our souls are saved friends but in the eyes of our gods they are not, due to the corruption of our youth. Think of all the great things they have done for us, think of their sacrifices. Are you ready to give up their love?” The crowd collectively yelled ‘No’ in response as they stood stricken with fear.

“Good, now my friends I want you to bring me the wickedest child from town tomorrow, we shall watch his sin burn away!” Joseph said to deafening cheers. Hoover watched as one of the doves took flight. It soared down to Hoover and wrapped its feet around his shoulders. Hoover attempted to shake the creature off but he failed in his efforts. Another swooped down to grab Olivia and pulled her into the air.

“Hoover!” Olivia screamed. Hoover quickly reached into his pocket for his pistol but the dove pecked his hand causing him to drop his gun to the floor. After realizing that Hoover would be too much trouble the dove pulled him into the air.

“Who are these two?” Joseph called out; the entire crowd turned their heads to the two hovering in the air by the doves. The dove that held Hoover turned a deep red which caused the crowd to gasp in fear.

“Hoover what’s happening?” Olivia was filled with fear. Hoover turned to her with a blank expression.

“A non believer and a dangerous one at that, I should have known. See my friends this is what I am trying to save us from. This adult, this man born in faith has turned! And with him is a prostitute, a foul creature of the night!” Joseph screamed at the crowd. Olivia began to cry which filled Hoover with anger. He reached down into his boot and unsheathed a short knife. Quickly he dug the blade into the throat of the dove; it cried out and dropped him to the wooden floor. The crowd screamed and began to scatter in all directions to leave. Hoover grabbed his pistol from the ground and fired a shot into the dove that held Olivia. She fell into Hoover’s opened arms.

“Stop them!” Joseph screamed. Hoover grabbed Olivia’s hand and pulled her through the crowd and out of the tall theatre. The night concealed them quickly as they darted down tight alleyways. Above them the moon stood staring.  

Hoover barged through an old door to an even older building. Olivia slammed the door shut behind them. Several half-clad women walked up to Hoover with provocative eyes. Before they could speak Hoover stopped them.

“Where is Olivia’s room?” Olivia came up behind Hoover which eased the women’s minds.

“208, is everything alright Olivia?” Olivia looked at the woman but couldn’t speak. Hoover turned to her and grabbed her hand.

“Yeah everything’s alright; just a strange night is all.” Hoover said as he began to ascend the stairs.

“You’re that American from last night. Staying long I hope.” She said looking out from under her painted eyes.

“I may be ducking out faster than I had originally thought. Goodnight ladies.” Hoover continued to race up the stairs.

The old brothel was filled with burgundy walls lined with smoke. Men were led down the halls by beautiful women who forgot their morals all due to the theory of money. Out of all of the women Olivia seemed to be the prettiest but also the dirtiest. The fact that she was given to Hoover after his request for “The filthiest girl in all of London” left his lips is proof enough.

Atkinson Grimshaw 1836-1893 - British Victorian-era painter - Tutt'Art@ (36)


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