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April 18, 2013 by misterblank22


 June 7th
New York

Gathering around the bride was a group of eager friends. The bride was filled with a joy she had never felt her entire life. As she sat in that back room she thought of her husband to be. He had swept her off her feet only a year earlier on a summer’s day. In her mind only happiness would follow. She had never felt affection from any living creature; this was due to her mother who locked her away for most of her youth. In her words only sin could follow such a girl. After each year past a new sun would rise giving the bride a new age and a new face.

After several attempts at escape and several scars later she finally found success, her mother would never find her. The night sky loomed above her and kissed the horizon. She had the freedom to reenact the stories from the books that had kept her busy for so many years.

She clung tight to places and people. Every day she’d walk the park greeting every face that came close. Some would happily smile while others would mumble under their breath of how she inconvenienced them. But one man not only smiled but spent an entire day with her; he even treated her like she was a fellow human.

“You’re a friendly one aren’t you miss.” Hoover said as she stood an inch from his face with a childish grin, she held her hands together at her waist.

“It’s such a beautiful day, I’ve never seen the sun shine so bright have you?” Hoover glanced at the sun with a frown.

“Personally it’s too bright and ruins everything around me. I have to adjust my eyes each time I leave a building. You my dear can have the sun I’d prefer the moon.” Hoover bowed to her while tipping his hat. “I am Hoover Adams.”

“I’m Lilith Gladstone nice to meet you.” Lilith nervously said; she was not used to a man speaking to her.

“Lilith is a demon in various religious texts but I do not see any horns protruding from your head or a tail from your spine so it may just all be superstition.” Hoover sarcastically spoke. Lilith unfortunately did not understand.

“I assure you I’m not a demon, have I scared you off with my name? I’m truly sorry.” She grabbed onto his arm in hopes of keeping him from fleeing. Hoover looked down in wonder.

“If a name could scare me off then I’d already be far from here. Would you like to walk with me? Since you seem to have some obsession with beautiful days why not spend this one with company.” Lilith was overcome with joy. She smiled wide and quickly shook her head.

“Yes, yes I’d love to walk with you.”

The two strolled through the tall trees for hours deep in conversation. Lilith spoke extremely fast blurting out all the feelings she was forced to hide for years.

“The world isn’t like the books I’ve been reading. The people here are not as friendly as the authors had said; they are not as wicked either.” Lilith said.

“Books my dear Lilith are a waste of time. Only one view of the world is ever told to you in one. If the author is cynical then his work will paint a negative version of the world. If he is a jolly man then the world will glow. Either way I avoid books, if you read them enough you’ll be blind to the real world.” Hoover said as he picked a flower for Lilith. She held it close to her with a giddy grin.

“But reading is all I have Hoover, you’re the first person to ever talk to me. Books were my friends I felt I knew the authors personally.”

“Well you may have felt that way but feelings are a contaminated version of the real emotion. Why do you think people fall in love within minutes of meeting Lilith? It is not because you really love someone it’s really the company that they give you, the laughs they create within you. You can’t laugh forever.” Hoover explained.

“That is a horrible outlook Hoover. You must not be close to anyone.” Hoover quickly analyzed her words and found them to be true. Suddenly he saw something special within her, something he had never seen before. He never wanted to part with her and spent every day in her presence. Several months later he asked her to marry him which was something he had vowed to never do.



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