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April 18, 2013 by misterblank22


December 24th

A knock woke Hoover from a blurry dream of faces he had once known. He set up scratching his head through his messy hair and looked around the strange room he had been given. As he tried to register where he was the knocks became rapid.

“Hoover open this door.” Walter screamed from the hallway. Hoover attempted to shake away the feeling that resulted from too many drinks the previous night. Before Hoover could fully turn the lock Walter barged in with a key in hand.

“Nice to know you have patience Walter.” Hoover rubbed his eyes. Walter looked anxious.

“Hoover how deep are you into Joseph’s world? Have you met him yet?” Walter slammed the door shut behind him. Hoover adjusted his eyes to the morning light.

“Not yet, I’ve met several of his followers, they are very strange people, their faces rarely move from a forced grin. I was given an invite for a speech on the 1st of January but I doubt he’ll be there. Why?” Hoover set back onto his bed as Walter paced back and forth.

“Who gave you the invite?” Walter roughly scratched his head.

“I’m not sure; he was just a man I met who knew Joseph’s name. I’m not sure it’s even a trustworthy lead.” Hoover was shocked by Walter’s panicked state.  

“I fear you have brought danger to my home Hoover. Our maid’s daughter was attacked last night; a message was carved into her face.” Hoover’s eyes widened. He quickly approached Walter.

“Is she ok?” Hoover was extremely concerned.

“She will be ok, heavily scarred though; I fear for her life Hoover, she is still very young. You do not understand the erratic behavior of this man; I am regretting my decision to let you stay here. I fear my wife is in danger.”

“Can I see the girl?” Hoover pulled on his coat.

“If you must but I swear if you use her as a ploy in your article I will make your time here brutal.” Walter fixated his beady eyes on Hoover.

Hoover was led through Walter’s mansion and into the young girl’s room. Her mother rubbed a wet towel over her face as the wounds still bled. Hoover closed the door behind him and stood near the mother.

“How is she miss?” Hoover combed back his hair with his hand.

“She’s asleep, she had been crying all morning. I suppose you want to read it don’t you?” The mother forced the words from her mouth as her lips quivered.

“If I may miss.” Hoover leaned in close to the small girls face to read the words that the deep cuts formed.

“Am I reading it right ‘To the Snake from afar’?” Hoover tried to analyze the girls face once again.

“Yes, the bible speaks of a snake who led Adam and Eve from god’s word.” The mother wiped away a tear.

“I suppose I’m that snake from afar and I suppose that these people are the Adams and Eves.” Hoover set down on the edge of the bed near the mother.

“Why are you here Mr. Adams, why did you come here, just let this alone?” The mother’s face was red from weeping.

“I came to help; this man’s deeds have traveled to America and have created a stir. I feel that I can help.”

“Helping who Mr. Adams? Do you see my daughter? This is just the first of many actions to come. I have seen horrible things come from Joseph Dylan. Those who oppose him die painful deaths. Just leave this alone.” The mother spoke in-between tears. Hoover put his arm on her shoulder to comfort her but she stood up to get away from him.

“Miss I-”

“Leave Mr. Adams, just leave.” Hoover shook his head as the mother put her back to him. He glanced over to the small girl who slowly breathed. He could see that she once had a pretty and innocent face. He thought about giving up and leaving but he felt he could help those around him. To see a child in pain due to his actions sent shivers up his spine. He wondered what Lilith was doing and hoped she was safe. He reached down to his finger for his wedding ring but remembered the ridiculous act he had committed before leaving for London. He quickly felt superstitious as if the simple act of leaving his ring for trash would result in Lilith’s death.



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