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April 21, 2013 by misterblank22


December 25th
New York

Lilith set near a small Christmas tree standing in the middle of the living room. Her eyes lacked their usual green glowing hue; instead they were dark and heavy. In her hand was a bright red package with Hoover’s name written on it. Lilith played with the gold ribbon that wrapped around the packages frame. She pulled back her dark hair that obscured her view. For all of December Lilith gazed at the green tree in the corner like a child. But unlike a child she never once worried about what would be placed underneath it until that day. She expected Hoover to be with her to embrace the holiday but he was an ocean away. Lilith was left by the only person who had ever loved her and she had no way of contacting him. Days before Hoover’s leaving he said that he would send a letter as soon as he could, that hope was all that got Lilith through her days.

The only gift that set under that tree was now in Lilith’s hands which she had purchased for him. Hoover not only left her with a blank goodbye but also left Lilith void of a Christmas gift. All of the curtains were pulled concealing the room in a dark shadow. Lilith didn’t know if she should cry and scream. Her entire childhood was spent alone in a dark room and now her adulthood began to follow in that same path. Friends never came to her side, in all truth every person she had ever met was through Hoover and neither one of them cared much for Lilith. To them she was a hole that sucked the life out of Hoover. Her jokes did not make them chuckle nor did her looks appeal to them, she was a waste. But Hoover saw something in her and he vowed to make her know true happiness no matter the circumstance. Lilith believed him until that December 25th. Being only 24 and alone scared her; it threw her into a state of darkness. She wished she had never left that dark cellar of her youth. To her all the joy that came with meeting the world only buried her deeper. Everyone’s words tore her apart leaving her destroyed. A simple remark that would not affect even a rat would cause her to rethink her entire self.

What did she want to do? She felt like disappearing. She had begun to pack her things to leave but saw an old photograph of Hoover which shattered her plan. Lilith fell to the ground in tears lost in a dark room alone for the first time in years. She hit her face in anger as if it would do any good. Her mind raced with all the possibilities of her future. She wanted to speak to Hoover more than anything but had no way of doing so. Words flooded her and blurred her mind, distorting her perception of life. She felt she would never see Hoover again or be spoken to by another living soul for the rest of her life.

December 25th

Hoover set in a red room drinking from a bottle of wine with his hair disheveled. His boots were thrown on the ground near a lavish dress. Grace sat naked on the bed with a deep gaze directed at Hoover. She approached Hoover and handed him a long opium pipe which he quickly began to smoke from. She bent down to his side and whispered provocative words into his ear while she ran her hands through his greasy hair.

Smoke danced around the red room like ghosts as Grace kissed his neck. Hoover accepted the girl’s proposal as his money was already spent. It sounded as if a million birds shook their wings near the two along with hisses from the next room. His mind drifted from various images of Lilith on their wedding day, her face had glowed in such an innocent way which caused Hoover to be infatuated with her. Grace’s forceful hands kept him from reliving the joy he had shared with Lilith.

Grace soon pulled away from Hoover to put the opium pipe back between his lips which he complied with by taking yet another deep inhale. Lilith’s face danced before him like a spirit from a dream, she was sobbing with cuts deep in her pale wrists. Words were spoken from her lips like musical notes that he could not decipher. Hoover attempted to focus on the image in his mind but Grace soon distracted him with a forceful kiss. Lilith was quickly wiped from Hoover’s mind as he embraced the beautiful Grace.



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