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April 25, 2013 by misterblank22

The PS4 was announced a few months ago and XBOX 720 (or whatever it will be called) will be announced in May which is creating much excitement in gamers. Many developers have stated that the lack of new hardware is to blame for the stale, repetitive and downright awful state the industry is currently in. But I disagree and the Wii U will prove the reasons for why I disagree. That little console is new and has brought many new things to gaming but I haven’t seen anyone use it properly or unfortunately at all. Why is this, it’s new isn’t it? So many awesome things can be done with the Wii U. It’s not the consoles that are to blame it is the developers/publishers. Wii U games do not sell much like most of the Wii games didn’t because not one single person used the hardware properly. The Kinect fails for these same reasons too; the design flaws don’t help much though.

I have spent more hours playing Minecraft and Terraria then all my time playing the recently released games combined. But those games are using the current hardware much like all of the other games. These two have succeeded for one simple reason they thought outside the box. Mainstream games along with mainstream entertainment are failing due to their fear of failing. A publisher will not fund a project if it will not sell and to sell you must appeal to the masses. Minecraft only took a handful of people to create and they did not have a large publisher towering over them shooting down their ideas. They also did not spend a fortune to make the game look beautiful which makes it charming (it also did not take much money, so the fear of failing was limited).

My favorite genre of games varies but I always come back to a first person shooter, when they were original. Currently when I look through the scope of my gun I forget which game I’m playing. Is this Battlefield or Halo, wait it’s Call of Duty, no I’m pretty sure it’s Brink but wait no one plays Brink. So I have to press start to remember what game I am even playing. That is not a good sign.



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