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April 29, 2013 by misterblank22



No mind, however loving, could bear to see plainly into all the recesses of another mind. – Arnold Bennett

The human mind is a labyrinth of quick turns and crazy patterns splattered on the wall. To try to figure any of it out would cause insanity. So I’ll leave the mind to men in white coats to figure out, I’ll tackle something a little less threatening, Silent Hill 2 (If this was a movie “Theme of Laura” would have started playing for the credits).  

To analyze this game would be a bulk novel in itself so I’ll do a quick summary of points I’d like to make. Some of these points are common knowledge by now to the fans while some I’ve come up with.



First off to me Silent Hill 2 never happened. James never went to that little town clutching a letter from his dead wife Mary. This entire game takes place in James’ warped mind as he sits holding that picture of Mary. The Letter simply represents how much he misses her and when you miss someone the only thing you want is for them to miss you too.

A memory or a daydream is made up of a blinding fog that conceals most things. Some of the most important things such as doorways to even entire streets are hidden; Silent Hill is filled with fog. When James gets the map from his car and descends those steps into the fog he has given up all reality. Silent Hill is just a daydream for a sad, guilt ridden man.
Everything comes from something dark; the night destroys light with the black it brings. But the one thing that has the most darkness surrounding it is the human mind. Images swarm our minds from that darkness, some from dreams and some from real life. When the mind is weak it loses its filtering function and starts to combine the two. The darkness in Silent Hill is James’ mind piecing an entire lifetime together. He had never been to a place called Silent Hill since Silent Hill is just a large quilt made up of images from various other places he’s been. Mary loved a small town and she called it Silent Hill. Was it really called this or did James simply paste that little name into his memory from the “Silence” that has taken Mary’s place?
This Silent Hill looks like any old town with nothing distinguishing it from the east or west. Every place that James had been with Mary has now formed itself into the town; it’s a place that he fills with his memories/dreams of her. But his mind has gotten to it. He is sick and tormented by the things he had done to Mary. The nurses are shaped like any female (Which James chased after when Mary was sick) but these nurses are warped. Their faces are blurred out destroying their identities and they wear shirts that barely contain their breasts which leaves James in a state of suspended animation. His sexual desires take over but his fear combats that leaving him with two options, run or attack. James also resents these nurses for letting Mary die, guilt takes him over for fantasizing about them while she was dying.


James was left alone when Mary died which resulted in him becoming a shell of his once self. He could barely remember Mary’s real self but was only left with the images of her death. Her being pale and weak lacking the face he grew to love. According to Freud the mind is sexual in nature almost animal like and this is where Maria comes in. She represents the Mary that once was or even the Mary that James wanted. She is alluring with a strange provocative smile that keeps him coming back. He fills the void of Mary with Maria but since he can barely remember Mary he gives himself an altered version of her, a version that gives him things she couldn’t due to her illness.

James had filmed Mary on their visit to “Silent Hill” when the disease began to take effect. She coughs throughout the video which filled James with sadness along with anger. James kills Mary in the video by smothering her with a pillow. Now why did James do such a thing? Did he want her out of his life or did he want to save the woman he loved from further pain. James loved Mary and seeing her ill destroyed him but he was young and had a life to live. He did not want to spend it chained to a dying woman so he killed her out of love and out of selfishness. For years he had masked the selfish element of his actions but as he began to venture into his twisted view of this “Silent Hill” he found the answers his mind had been hiding from him for years. Restless Dreams…(If this was a movie “Love Psalm” would start playing)



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