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May 1, 2013 by misterblank22


Halo is a classic that will go down in history like the Atom Bomb. Our children’s grandchildren’s children will read in their school textbooks about the glorious day of November 15th in 2001. Museums will be covered with Master Chief memorabilia. Now let’s read way too much into this simple science fiction game.

Two species are at war in the galaxy, the humans and the nasty Covenant (that we’re supposed to hate but grow to love). Now these rings or Halos, according to the Covenant, are sacred they believe they will be led to salvation through them much like angels in Christianity. What do angels wear on their heads? Halos are the answer. A halo is like a big arrow pointing down to an angel, much like a big red arrow in Driver. People who believe in angels will defend them to their death much like the Covenant does with the Halo rings. Now to dig deeper, the Halos have a darker side to them and that is the Flood. The rings were built to contain the Flood by the Forerunners who the Covenant worship. Much like history has shown us with “Angels” or “Gods”, a darker side lives within them. Some Gods created plagues to punish humans for their stupidity or lack of faith. The Flood is heavily contained within the Halos and would take extreme nosiness to unleash them, or stupidity. The Flood could be seen as a punishment for digging into a sacred place which unleashes a large parasitic plague that threatens humanity much like “The Flood” in the Bible. Noah built an “Ark” to escape the flood much like The Ark in Halo which can activate the Halos or to simply start anew, but it also had an assortment of every species the Forerunners had ever met in the galaxy, much like Noah supposedly did on Earth during the great flood with his wooden “Ark”.
Spartan 117 or simply John represents the gaming world being turned on its head. He says as he shoots and jumps around “At first glance I look like everything else but I’m actually destroying everything you ever knew.” Master Chief was born in gaming history when the space marine was everywhere with little variations in their looks.

The Doom Marine

Master Chief may have looked very similar to everything else but from the first second you took control of him everything changed. Nothing felt like Halo and to this day nothing can compare. Master Chief used the old image of the space marine fighting the evil aliens to alter the face of gaming by not changing a thing with its outer image; he’s sly and did it from the inside.
An AI (artificial intelligence) named Cortana is Master Chief’s main priority. He was ordered to protect her. But Cortana symbolizes something far greater than just a device to tell you what to do she symbolizes the world and its technological state. Computers do all of the thinking for us, they correct our bad spelling and they tell doctors what medications won’t go with others by the push of a button. They locate where we are and calculate just how far we have to go before we get to our destination (most likely a restaurant). They can even tell us which turns to take before we get there. They do all of the thinking for us like Cortana does for Master Chief. Spartan 117 is simply the feet for the AI to get around. If Chief forgets how to reload his gun she’ll pop up the button to press on his hud “Oh yeah, I remember that.” If he’s been walking around lost for 15 minutes Cortana will pop up a nav point on his hud and he’ll be on his way. Master Chief does not have to think for himself much like most of us. We know what we have to do and where to go but we have no idea how to get there, that’s where our computers come in.

Master Chief has to protect Cortana because she holds a lot of the information about humans that the Covenant needs much like a personal computer for the White House. If the president is asked who America is at war with currently they could simply punch it into their computer so they’ll remember which place they sent their army, much like Captain Keyes with Cortana. Master Chief represents the stupidity of man while Cortana represents the intelligence of machine.  


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