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May 7, 2013 by misterblank22

What if you were in the 1980’s and the 2000’s seemed like a shiny future filled with neon lights and vast wastelands? What if montages were in every single movie you saw along with a cheesy love story subplot? Well you’re in the year 2013, 6 years after Blood Dragon takes place, so these things are decades behind you, until now (An 80’s double drum effect to cause suspense).
This game is filled with more references to 80’s film then anything I have ever seen or played. The game begins with “Long Tall Sally” blaring in Rex’s helicopter as he fires down on his enemies. This song happens to play in the beginning of Predator (1987) when the crew is in their chopper over the jungle. Players have Alien’s references, Terminator references and even throwbacks to the action movies of the era complete with headbands and a Zen moment on a mountaintop.

Blood Dragons story is plainly hilarious. Every character has something funny to say along with cliché 1980’s toughness. Sergeant Rex Power Colt, voiced by 80’s god Michael Biehn from Aliens and Terminator, is a super cyber soldier on a mission to kill Sloan. His assistant Dr. Darling betrays Sloan to help Rex, but the two end up falling in love which offers a funny romantic sex scene complete with 80’s echo drums. I don’t want to ruin much for the player so I will let you enjoy every cliché second of Blood Dragon’s story without any spoilers.

If you enjoyed playing Far Cry 3 then Blood Dragon feels like an epic God Mode cheat which takes away all fall damage and gives you a super weapon that shoots out of your mechanical arm, bursting enemies into a blue ball of, well goo. Players can chain attacks together to create a violent string of throat cuts and shuriken throws. Also there are Garrisons to liberate in your spare time that give you small missions to complete, most are hunting or hostage missions.

The enemies are much like any enemy you’ll face in any other game except for the Blood Dragon. These are half blind animals that eat cyborgs. The player will have to carefully stealth by them by distracting the dragon with cyborg hearts taken from dead bodies. Or if you are tough like Rex then stand up and fight those glowing things with your sniper rifle that has explosive rounds, it’s up to you.

I’ve seen enough 80’s movies to get almost every reference this game had to throw at me. I only wished that Rex would have said “Ease down, ease down” like Hicks did in Aliens, in my mind Michael Biehn said that in every movie. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon takes nothing seriously which offers gamers an experience unlike anything out now. This game will only take about 5 hours tops to beat but it’s at a very cheap price, Metal Gear Rising took me 4 hours and it was $60 so you’re not getting cheated. I give Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon a 9.5 because I feel it’s amazing and because Rex says I give that a 9.5 after you blow stuff up. I don’t want to get on Rex’s bad side, he survived Vietnam War II.

9.5 out of 4 (It’s exceptionally great)



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