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May 16, 2013 by misterblank22

15-vintage-video-games-you-can-play-on-your-iphone-50767f01d9June, June, JUNE! The 6th month of our year 2013 is going to be filled with vintage/last gen games. We’re living in the future so why not play through the past. My brain is fried beyond belief and the only writing I am able to do is in a light-hearted style so instead of just letting my blogs die a miserable death for a while I’ve decided to post reviews and even progress on vintage games. I am extremely busy anymore and I need a vacation from everything, even writing, so this is why I have turned to this sort of thing. I’ll try to post often, I hope it is enjoyable. The first post may come a little before June hits but the bulk of what will happen with vintage games will be in June.


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