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May 20, 2013 by misterblank22

This world (universe) is massive with something new/bizarre around every turn. Just delving slightly into Particle Physics should open anyone’s eyes to the gigantic possibilities of an ever-expanding universe. But to me I feel our mind is much more interesting and with that I feel out mind controls how big our universe gets.

When humans decided to finally walk upright and hold their head high, their long Fabio locks flowing behind them, possibilities opened up. Homo sapiens started to really hate not seeing in the dark and decided to do something about it. They never set consciously thinking “Man I want a flashlight” but they must have tried many things to capture light. So one day Fabio set down and started rubbing sticks together because he was bored with bench pressing rocks and bears. As he was becoming bored with the monotonous action a spark surprised Fabio and he saw light in his dark cave. So he began to rube the sticks together faster until there was fire.


I made fire guys!

Now I doubt Fabio set down with those sticks thinking that he would create fire but I do know that the night was starting to wear on Fabio and his friends, much like Minecraft when the creepers come out. So in his mind all he wanted was light and the actions he took with the sticks were more or less mind over matter. Now that sounds insane doesn’t it? You’re probably thinking “So if I wanted a million dollars I could just sit down and it would happen?” Well no because you know that there is no way in this world that that could happen, it’s impossible. It’s not impossible because of the physical demands it’s impossible because of the mental demands. When the mind is not clouded by rules, regulations, religion, science and the Periodic Table it can do great things.

Take Pulp Fiction as a strange example. When it came out it broke every rule by making the story out-of-order with long dialogue about sandwiches and France. But it also casted John Travolta as its lead, the man was as good as dead by then. If that movie were to be made by anyone other than Quentin Tarantino it would have failed. Do you know why? Quentin is a self-absorbed man who thinks that everything he touches turns to holy gold, he is a man who does not see the lines that other directors see. If he wants to show Pam Grier walking half of the mall in Jackie Brown with only one camera angle then he will do it. What is different will always succeed if the creator believes 100% in his project, or a thought such as spawning a million dollars as we speak. Quentin also knows everything there is to know about film but the rules he learned from the history of film still did not exist to him.


I’m back, I don’t know how but I am.

Let’s dig deeper shall we? Take a man who feels ill, his entire body aches and he says he is coughing up blood and no doctor can find a single thing wrong with him. This man is easily cured by his own mind being tricked. The doctor will simply prescribe a sugar pill (a pill that does absolutely nothing other than dissolve into your body) but does not tell him how useless the pill is. Bravo the man is cured, he no longer coughs up blood and runs into a wall for hours at a time screaming “Twinkies” and this is all due to his mind believing in that little pill, that really did nothing. If he was to never receive that sugar pill he would eventually develop a disease due to the stress he is putting on his body which would make everything he said he was feeling a reality. This is why several hypochondriacs develop a serious condition, or maybe that is just what they are trying to make us believe.

 ?????????????????????????I’m sick I just don’t know with what yet.

Digging deeper and we find Prahlad Jani a man who claims he has not drunk or eaten for 70 plus years. So like every human, except Fabio from earlier of course, has to use what they know is real to figure it all out and prove it wrong. They put Prahlad under supervision for 15 days where they watched him continuously. They let him bathe but measured the water before and after to make sure he didn’t sneak a few sips, which he never did. He says he can meditate for sometimes months, he also says the Goddess Amba nourishes him. He claims he spends most of his time meditating. Prahlad has full faith that he is protected by Amba, which in a way shows us that he really is (of course this changes if he is proven fake).

yogi-prahlad-jani-_dpa9ffdd9669c1288003802This brings me to our intelligence which in turn is creating what we see. We say that there is no ending to our universe and so far we have found no end, so as long as we keep saying/believing that there is no end then there truly will be no end. I myself have dabbled in every religion. When I tried Buddhism and Hinduism I was at peace with myself, I meditated daily for hours and felt good in my own skin after a while. My nerves were under control and the world was bright because I felt that it was. I tried Christianity to battle my viscous Sleep Paralysis and it helped me sleep at night only because I believed it would. I read scriptures and felt warmth with each religion. I have also tried the abandonment of religion which left me cynical of what surrounds me. I felt that no one was special and that everything happened by accident and that nature and life was pointless. What you are, what you see, what surrounds you is a product of what you believe. Do not let your mind trick you into believing that you cannot stand up and be what you want to be; what you believe will become you.

Take the knowledge of science to learn about the world around you but take whatever you believe in to help guide you. This world is beautiful if we can just figure out that religion and science are not set in stone. You and I control everything.  



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