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May 28, 2013 by misterblank22

xbox-one-kinect_090280028000096066This will serve as the prelude to vintage month because after learning what the next Xbox will be “next gen” doesn’t sound so appealing.

First off Xbox has gone back in time and erased the original Xbox (which was a fantastic console) by stealing its number. I can only think of one reason for this bizarre name and that is for Microsoft to feel like number one when they have shown they are far from it. Xbox One is not a gaming console it did not show me or anyone anything new, nothing has been expanded on in the gaming department apart from a new controller. What we are given is an ugly box that lets us watch TV and Skype, neither of which will help the “gaming” experience which is what a console is supposed to do.

Xbox One must always be connected to the Kinect which was a useless item this generation imagine how low it can go for next generation. Also the Kinect is always on which is quite frightening. This useless device will always be watching you and if there are any of us who wear foil on our heads this will just add to that foil. Imagine if the Kinect is aware of its surroundings and has fused itself with all of your other electronics. If you are playing the PS4 more than the Xbox One (let’s face it you will be) then something may “happen” to your PS4.


You should be playing Destiny on me not that PS4.

All the Xbox One is is an overly prized cable box that lets you play Call of Duty. But the biggest downfall is that none of your downloaded games from the Xbox 360 will transfer over to your new Xbox but your gamerscore will. The motive of this is quite clear; they want you to repurchase them on their new Xbox Live store that has a slightly darker green background.

Also sharing games with friends requires them to purchase that game or to sign in with your account. This is due to a money issue and piracy. So say goodbye to sharing games with friends and talking about that 2 hour game without spending $60 .

So what can we expect from next-gen is this: You cannot play your old games on it, downloaded or on disc, you have to be connected to a Terminator that rarely works and still have to pay to play online when PS4 gives it to you for free. Well at least you can watch football.



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