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June 10, 2013 by misterblank22



History is rarely written down as it is happening, not a single word in our history books was written by those who lived in the time being documented. Everything we read is only mere speculation conjured up by men with pens. Facts are hard to come by. Science can back up most of a historians bold claims but the fact is they were not sitting next to Lincoln when he took a bullet in the head and they were definitely not there when the pyramids were being built.

When the word Egypt is thrown out in conversation (which is rare) most think of King Tut. But his name wasn’t King Tut it was Tutankhamun (Living Image of Amun) but before that he went by his real name given to him by his father, Tutankhaten (Living Image of Aten). Poor little Tut died very young and the causes are left up to speculation. He was either assassinated or died from a leg injury, or aliens took him back home of course.

But little Tut is not interesting, he is merely a name that is thrown into every history book that the gym teacher mumbles before he shows off his old football videos from high school. No really Tut’s dad is who we should be reading about, Akhenaten (Living Spirit of Aten).

Akhenaten was the first and only pharaoh to throw Egypt’s Polytheistic religious beliefs out of the window for a monotheistic one. This brought in the age of the sun disc god known as Aten (Originally a part of Ra, but that is another story in itself). Akhenaten was thoroughly obsessed with Aten even writing a poem in its honor. But Akhenaten looked extremely bizarre causing many to believe he had many illnesses or was simply an alien.

During his reign he created a city for Aten called Amarna and here is where the story gets very interesting. The art of Amarna depicts its people in a way that blurs the sexes. Some historians have even speculated Akhenaten to be homosexual due to how he has been represented in the art. The humans in the art are far from a normal human, some are built like animals with elongated heads. Also the art is cluttered with symbols, images and Aten’s hands placed all over the place. But art is not a true representation of history.


Akhenaten was considered an enemy in those days for destroying all normality within the public. No one is sure how Akhenaten died; he could have simply broken a toe and died from an infection or maybe something more epic took his life we do not know yet. What we do know for a fact is the location of his last appearance. He was last seen with his wife Nefertiti and their family entering Meryra II which is a tomb located near Amarna. Sadly little Tut was not taken with Akhenaten (at least not reported), poor little guy must have been forgotten, no family picnic for him. Little Tut was alive at the time being born 1341 (10th year of Akhenaten’s reign), these events were in the 12th year of his reign. Dad’s death was supposedly 1336 or 1334; Little Tut would have been 5 or 7. This may have been why he changed his name from Tutankhaten to Tutankhamun, cutting the “aten” from the end of his name, way to stick it to dad Tut.

Amarna has not aged well due to the massive hate directed towards it by the public. The city turned to ruin and the stone from the temples were used to build other areas in Egypt, it basically became a junkyard.


Now let’s introduce the natural evolution of human stupidity. Fiction likes to fit itself into the cracks of fact frequently. The story of Akhenaten is vague which opens it up to manipulation. Anything could be inserted anywhere from aliens to time travel. I’d be surprised if no one has said that Amarna housed the little eggs from Alien in its walls.

Of course Akhenaten looks alien to most people, his head is the size of a watermelon but that isn’t too uncommon. In many African tribes today it is normal to wrap an infant’s head tight to create that watermelon look. If people are still doing that today then why wouldn’t Akhenaten be doing it then?


But he started that trend, see it was aliens, I’m right.

I own Chariots of the Gods? and I’ve found it very convincing in some aspects. I have an extremely open mind which allows me to accept many things. But I also know the human mind pretty well. Give a group of people a picture of static and they’ll all find a face in it. This is no different from giving someone old texts from the BC era and them finding something insane buried within (Just look at what Westboro has done to the Bible).

There is no documentation of Akhenaten after he entered the tomb Meryra II. I can only think of 3 reasons why. A/ He was assassinated (and the illuminati is covering it up, of course) or B/ The texts have not been found yet (Because the illuminati have hidden them) or C/ All records of Akhentaten were destroyed (by the illuminati of course).

To add an interesting element to this puzzle Akhenaten’s body has been found. It was discovered in the tomb KV55 in The Valley of the Kings, though it is up to speculation if it is really him. The DNA proves the body to be the father of King Tut, which Akhenaten was.


You ARE the father! Now call your son damnit.


So much has been inserted into the Akhenaten myth that fact is hard to see due to the mess of fiction. This is scary because this is not the only event in history that has been tainted. Much has been forgotten or changed with many well-known events.

For instance take President Barack Obama. He is no different, no more vile or pure than any other president Uncle Sam has voted in. But history is already editing itself before our eyes. Beady eyed republicans are changing the words that brain-dead democrats are saying while we just eat it. Your view of the world changes depending on which news station you are watching. Obama has flaws just like anyone else but many of them are being distorted. What will we omit from this part of history and what will we add?

In school when I wasn’t wearing leather jackets and hitting jukeboxes to start them like Fonzie I attended class. Once in history class our teacher began to lecture on World War II and got to the name Hitler. Now by that time Hitler was a house hold name, at least it should have been. A girl raised her hand and asked who Hitler was and the class, including the teacher, erupted in laughter. Once the barrage of laughter stopped we realized this girl wasn’t kidding. She not only did not know who Hitler was but she had never even heard of the Holocaust. So after explaining to her that America had fought in two World Wars and in that second one a small man named Hitler tried to eradicate all of the Jews we quickly went onto Vietnam. Unfortunately through my schooling more people turned out to not know things of this nature or their facts were simply skewed.

As time goes on history will change which in turn changes what we know. In the next decade World War 1 will look as vague as the story of Akhenaten and Einstein will just be known as the guy with his tongue sticking out.



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