June 23, 2013 by misterblank22


When you are forced to go shopping in hopes of filling your fridge for the next week you are bombarded with millions of faces. These faces vary with each person leaving you with a blurry collage of people you’ll never remember. This is not because they are not special because in truth even the idiot talking on his phone is special enough to get to know. It’s because of the celebrities/models tattooed on every magazine or hair product that I’ll never remember who the “average” people are blocking the apples.

Celebrities are the “beautiful people” and they are the type that we are all aspiring to be. A woman will gaze at hair products for hours, if they could, hoping that they’ll resemble the woman on the box. Men will hang around the dumbbells hoping to gain muscle mass from lifting those things (And to look like they know how to use them). In the end even a simple jog to the store is a trip down the “I’m not beautiful because I don’t look like the guy with girls chasing him” or “I’m not beautiful because I don’t look like the girls with the duck faces” road.

1313527119_jennifer-lopez-duck-face-lg“What? No my lips weren’t bitten by a snake.”

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beauty should not even be a word. What is beautiful is the person, the language they use, the way they make you feel. Should a simple thing as weight, muscle mass or makeup really matter? To all of us yes due to the “beauty” we are force-fed daily. “A girl can’t have belly fat” says the ass in the backwards hat “Gosh all guys should have pecks and a six-pack” says the girl chomping on bubble gum with a 2nd graders mind.

 fake-girls-stupid-19“There are 48 states dummy the S is silent.”

We all find different things attractive and this is normal because two people can barely agree on food let alone what is good-looking. But unfortunately the human mind craves acceptance. If someone never gets accepted then they feel that they themselves are the problem which is wrong. I’ve seen people transform before my eyes in hopes of catching that guy/girls affection. Whether you are 90 pounds or 900 it should not matter and it will not matter because looks can only go so far. If your head is filled with big ideas and the person you are chasing lacks even a cell in theirs you will not last a second, there would be nothing to say to one another.


“I’d take you out to eat but that means we’ll have to talk while the food cooks…”

I can almost see the life sucked from people in the checkout lines when they see the Glamour magazines on the rack. Headlines scream out to you about how you should change to fit into the frame of another person. A nose should not be wide, a belly should not jiggle and breasts should be like party balloons ready to burst. This insanity has even crossed over into games. You will never play as the overweight hero who saves the overweight princess from the overweight bad guy.


 “Honey Lara Croft aint got nothing on me.”

The human mind is easy to mold and unfortunately this results in jumping to ridiculous conclusions. “Those girls on the magazines look so smooth, how come my skin doesn’t look like that?” The answer: They airbrushed their photos to make them appear like Barbie. But the everyday person feels that something is wrong with them because they don’t look like the “majority” of the people they see, but the “majority” is really the minority. Unfortunately we set expectations for people that they will never meet due to magazines, TV, movies and lately games. Even gamers are acting like this now, when their not screaming about losing in Call of Duty of course. The saddest part is that those who seek “beauty” never find it because on their quest they lose themselves.




2 thoughts on “WHAT IS “BEAUTY”?

  1. Sam Leung says:

    Great post! I totally agree with you. It’s sad how fixated most societies have become with a certain vision of beauty. I don’t think there’s such a thing either. Beauty’s definitely in the eye of the beholder. I’ve seen friends of both genders obsess over this kind of stuff and in the end they’re never really happy…

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