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July 5, 2013 by misterblank22

Spire, Conspire and Sapphire
Strolled past the gunfire
Elegance passed on a mule
Carrying a bucket of fuel
Citrus, Mistress and Empress
Drank with the Temptress 
As the intense fire blazed
The Peasant was not fazed

“Bones, stones and groans!”
They said of the Peasants moans
Spire clapped as he cried
The tears he could not hide 
Contest, Protest, and rest
Were all part of the test
That he ultimately failed
His ship had already sailed

Babylon, Avalon, were withdrawn
As night greeted the dawn
Crying eyes of shattered dreams
Were busting at the seams
Cruelty, Beauty, and Community
Had lost all of their immunity
To what was right and wrong
And the nights are long

Pharaohs, Sparrows, shot Arrows
While the final exit narrows
Conspire poured a cup of tea
Before he set the peasant free
Running, Shunning, and Cunning
And the Empress was stunning
But there is nowhere to hide
When no one is on your side


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