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Sleep Paralysis occurs when your brain wakes up but your body does not. You’re left in your bed paralyzed as the world around you stares you down. There are many theories as to why this happens but none make sense. Scientists say that we see dark shadows watching us because we are projecting our dreams onto the surface of our bedrooms. They also say that they are dark because black is the easiest color for our brains to see. But I dream much more bizarre things then a dark figure. For me sleep paralysis reveals a different world to me, a world in complete flux. What I see does not make sense, even things that don’t make sense in the normal waking hours makes sense compared to these things. These figures are not just people they are bent in bizarre ways, far from “human”. To be honest there is no picture or hollywood movie that could design them.

Insidious Shadow

Not even this does these things justice.

I haven’t had a sleep paralysis attack for some time now. The last one I managed to pull out of quite quickly. The 3 month streak has now ended. Last night a bent woman set at the foot of my bed. Her left arm was pulled over her head and resting on the right side of the bed. Her left leg bent and her knee pointed up. No features could be seen apart from the outline of long thin hair. I stared at it for a while thinking it could have been my chair but my chair was not that close to me, the damn thing was on my feet.

This ended once I realized what was happening, the threat was not as intense. But she was intense; she did not give off a good vibe. This is how my attacks began a year ago. A hooded figure stood at the foot of my bed but showed no real threat much like the woman. But like I said these things are very different from anything, they don’t wear normal hoods, they are just so strange.

After the hooded man stared me down the incidents grew in length and in violence. I have been bitten, smacked, rolled over and my face has been pressed deep into my bed.

Then the figures multiplied. One night I closed my eyes in fear of what I was hearing/seeing. To my left stood your typical hooded figure but close to me, out of view, was a horrible wheezing followed by cold breath. It sounded as if the things throat had been cut and it was gasping for air. I struggled to move, I called out, I even prayed, and soon I came out of it. But the wheeze came back the next night. I kept my eyes shut in hopes of not seeing whatever it was. I began to ask for help as it drew closer to me. Then it whispered something evil in my ear, along with an attack that was absolutely random but made perfect sense to me and really hurt me. I will not say what it was because I have never felt right saying it.

All of these incidents brought me to depriving myself of sleep. I stayed up for a week only allowing myself 15 minutes of “sleep”. But it was far from sleep, I had the TV on max volume and slept sitting up.

I’m not sure about the theory of demons because I am not a religious man. My views are strange and I will not get into them, I’m very cynical in other words. I’m not sure if there are ghosts or demons in this world, but with these incidents things began to happen. The wheezing was happening while I was awake, things banged on walls along with various other strange things. Whatever they are they are angry.

Now to go back before I ever had this “sleep paralysis” stuff. When I was a kid I had seen a thing, a tall black figure with red blotchy eyes. It towered over me. I labeled it Charlie. Charlie had not appeared until after I spent a lot of time at a certain cemetery in my home town. This cemetery is different. Tombstones point in various directions and it is known to house devil worshipers. If (and this is a big if) there are demons then I could have picked one up from there.

Whatever this is, whatever it means or whoever it is I’d like it to stop. It does make for good stories but it’s not to fun to actually live through.



2 thoughts on “IT IS BACK

  1. Holy crap! This was happening to my brother many years ago when we still lived home with our parents. If these things are making physical contact with you, I would definitely seek help.

    • It’s pretty strange; it’s just one of those unexplainable things that have two sides to it. The scientific side seems more positive, where it’s just your dreams. If it gets worse again I may look into possible help. Thanks for reading and commenting that means a lot.

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