August 26, 2013 by misterblank22


Would you like to go to space?
Yes very much.
Ok sign here and here.
Hmmm I can’t read this.
Oh sorry can I rewrite it?
Ok here you go.
I still can’t read it.
Can I just tell you then?
Yeah that would be nice.
Its starwarsjug99.
That’s your name?
Well yeah, it’s not on my birth certificate but it’s my yahoo account, my Google+ and my Youtube, it’s even my Facebook password.
This will go on your name tag sir. Don’t you want to go by your real name not some internet name?
Nah, I don’t really remember my name and to be honest I can’t spell it anymore it’s been so long since I’ve had to write it.
You can’t spell your own name?
No sorry, all I have to do now is type the first few letters and my computer already has it in its database, I just scroll down and click on it. I don’t have to put my name into any of my accounts. I guess I’ve just forgotten how to spell it.
Ok, um, so starwarsjug99?
Yup yup.
Well you are going to space in three years. You’re lucky a few artists are booked on your flight. A lot of people want to see the cosmos. It’ll be an experience.
Ohhh I’m so excited, will Justin Bieber be there?
Uh, I, yes but I wouldn’t really consider him an artist though but yes he will be there.
Lol that’s dumb.
Never mind just let me take my things and go, I’ll see you in three years. TTYL.
                                (THREE YEARS LATER)

Hey its space, I gotta tweet a picture.
Put your phone away it’ll short circuit the oxygen supply unit.
Hey, you’re still alive I thought you’d be dead by now, you were ooold.
I was 27.
Yeah. So can I put the picture on Facebook then?
No, your phone needs to remain off or it will short-circuit the oxygen supply unit, I just said that. This ship is very sensitive.
So…can I text it to my friend so he can upload it?

Whats your problem?
I bet that was in all caps, that means you’re angry on the internet.
Yes I know this, now just keep it in your pocket.
Ok, you’re the “boss”.
Ok everyone if you look to your left you can see Mars-PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY!
What I was just gonna take a picture.
I already said-look I’m not going to repeat it again just put it in your pocket if you want to live.
Someone’s angry.
Ok, as you all know Mars is the 4th planet from the sun. It is known as the Red Planet. It may have had life on it centuries ago and it may even support life in the future which is very interesting.
I already know this I liked Space on Facebook like a year ago. It posts updates all the time, you’re not telling me anything new.
I’m happy you are learning then.
‘You’re’ happy I’m learning then.
Yeah, that’s what I said, never mind. So as we pass-
(Camera flash)
What?! A meteor just passed by I had to snap a pic of it.
A-you-how-man you just did what I said not to do. You’ve-
How come I’m having trouble breathing?
                                                            (THE END)


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