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September 26, 2013 by misterblank22

Down in the town sank the morning sun
Bellowing down like a boulder was the moon
Wailing in alleys were the dying young
They were spawns of women having fun
Upstairs the bookie whistled a viscous tune
In the closet clanked the feet of the hung

A poet crinkled up his nose to the sky
A faceless orphan spoke in his native tongue
“Just before it’s over you’ll see your maker
Whether he is buried deep below or raised up high”
The bookie carved into the walls as he sung
“If he is smiling then he must be a faker”

Struggling in the pond was a frightened boy
Screams erupted from his sister in pink
Old William couldn’t find a way to help
The rich lined up to watch the ploy
Quickly the men ran, they had no time to think
Crickets clung to their voices with a yelp

The bookie threw on his hat with a twitch
His dreams flooded out in clumps from his eyes
Amber could hear his feet from the doorway
She flipped on the hidden light switch
Illumination took over his filthy lies
She asked him why he couldn’t just stay

Old William clutched his heart with his hand
Tele couldn’t see her feet below as she ran
The boy screamed out a barrage of threats
The bookie laid down his cards for the band
He took out the jokers saying he wasn’t a fan
The rich men laid down their high risk bets

Amber saw her room disheveled and her ring gone
She didn’t know who had been there
For the night concealed whatever stirred
Before she knew it the ring was ready to pawn
And she was left there in a room so bare
From the east a dog could be heard

Tele bickered with the rich as the boy sank
The girl in pink looked at her fragile hands
While the men loaded their mouths she took a dive
Amber took her wedding dress down to the bank
She mumbled that “No one understands.”
The bookie set waiting for Amber to arrive

Weakened by the dive the girl took a breath
Words hurled out onto Tele like hail
A prude man began to clap with his wooden hand
Each bubble began to pop signifying death
Amber found her vocabulary to be stale
While the bookie could barely stand

A drummer boy marched through the town
Dressed in silk with a glowing grin
The rich could hardly make a sound
Before he pressed them firmly down
Tele’s heart burned from deep within
Grass tangled high upon the ground


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